Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ackerman favors illegals

From the Times Ledger:

An open letter to U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman:

I am appalled after reading your e-mail newsletter, dated Sept. 25, that makes it obvious you have become a puppet of the government and no longer represent the American people or your community.

Your comprehensive immigration reform bill favors the illegal aliens that are in the United States over American citizens. Real unemployment is at approximately 16.8 percent. It is common to see American people and legal immigrants unemployed for over 1 1/2 years and yet you continue to make matters worse.

What you are endorsing is a program to legalize illegals so they can steal more jobs from Americans and make the United States a more dangerous country to live in. There are few legal immigrants that are being exploited with poor working conditions and unimaginably low wages.

If the illegal aliens variable is eliminated by securing our nations boarders and deporting illegal aliens the way former Presidents Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower did by signing an executive order during high unemployment times, the problems start to disappear, unemployment decreases, wages rise for the American citizen and legal immigrants and our country becomes a safer place to live.

Even legal immigration should be minimized until our economy improves and unemployment drops. The federal government is the major cause of illegal immigration by looking the other away when illegals are entering the country and doing nothing about the situation decade after decade then giving amnesty to illegal aliens. The federal government continues to compound the problem and has failed to adequately protect and secure our borders.

Who do you represent, Ackerman: the law-abiding American citizen or the illegal alien? We will not stand by and allow you to steal our jobs and the safety of each American and legal immigrant.

Choose wisely: This may be your last term in office.

Frank Schemitsch


Anonymous said...

His stance on favoring illegals over citizens is noted and may Rep. Ackerman be defeated at the polls in November.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell voted that asswipe back into office in 2008?! Admit it now!

Anonymous said...

Without increasing his voting base by legalizing illegals...who the hell is going to vote for a sleazy scum bun like Ackerman?

The Democ-RATS have always imported their votes going back to William Marcy (boss) Tweed.

The famine Irish kept the boss in his seat of power.

Tweed's operatives bought these new immigrants' votes with soup and bread at the wharf as they disembarked.

Anonymous said...

who the hell is going to vote for a sleazy scum bun like Ackerman?

That is easy:

Clueless seniors
The party faithful
Those who run their life on automatic pilot.
The tweeded.

Last night I was watching the news. After listening to the garbage they feed us ("should you vacinate your pet against swine flu -stay tuned!" - folks I kid you not) turned to Russia Today.

Putin was at a summit in Shanghai talking about dumping the dollar in trade with China.

ah, what were those vital issues CONGRESSMAN Ackerman is spending his time in again?

Taxpayer said...

Don't ever forget that Ackerman totally supports the hiring of illegal aliens for top jobs in the White House.

And, this illegal alien is enthusiastically putting citizens out of work. They will be out of work for a long time, losing their home and defaulting on all sorts of loans and credit.

These unemployed citizens will be replaced by other illegal aliens arriving in our country every day - at vastly lower wages.

And, many of the unemployed are minorities who are citizens of the US.

Too bad. They are not connected, so they can be abandoned.

If you delay, there's not a goddamn thing you can do, because these illegals will be outvoting you. And they will vote multiple times while you remain law-abiding.

Ackerman and the connected - including the Commissar - will remain your rulers for the rest of you and your children's children's lives.

So, either take control or be under control.

Anonymous said...

So the Code Pink Babe actually works for him? Click to see

Anonymous said...

to tribune reporter, LORI GROSS.



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Anonymous said...

Who pays for his flowers?

Anonymous said...

Some accurate balancing might be informative...As far as restricting legal immigration it has been done...For example, where a few years ago about 340,000 H1 work visas were available to foreign people that number has now been capped at around 45,000..Of course this will not make headlines and few know about it but measures have been taken by the gov't...If not enough for everyone try getting on the backs of your friends and neighbors who employ them at a wage less than is livable for most people. Would you berate your siter in law or father in law for employing them just as you berate the gov't? I bet not. As usual corporate owners, no matter big or small are as close to the root of the problem as anyone else. Their profit margins have been higher because of this, and just try to take that away from them..Think about where you project your anger..

Anonymous said...

I personally do not hire illegals to do any work for me.

The people who do are the people who profit off development.