Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nolan wants LPC to stop LIC strip club

From the Daily News:

Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan said she would contact the city Landmarks Preservation Commission and ask that the proposed strip club building at 42-50 21st St. be considered for its historical value so that Drakopoulos could not alter it into a nightclub.

Now here's someone who truly doesn't understand the Landmarks Law. Not surprisingly, she is a Queens Machine politician.


Anonymous said...

Oh she truly understand that her proposal goes no-where. She is garnering attention on the issue near election time. It's selfish. And the adult club will go on to open anyhow.

Mad in Maspeth said...

Yet another example of how the Landmarks Commission is either violating the law that established it, or more likely, is a creature of a law that has signally failed to live up to its reason for existence.

Residents in western Queens have failed to get even consideration for structures of merit, from St Saviours to 10-63 Jackson to St George Parsonage.

The Landmarks Commission regularly feeds City Planning reports (not available to the public of course) on areas that can get the green light for development, or a list of lots with caution lights attached to avoid sensitive areas like graves and the like (can't give our heroes the developers a bad name now, can we?)

Meanwhile areas like this, slated for massive destruction and development, gets city services lavished from sidewalks to sanitation to street trees to (everyone's favorite) bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

What was Nolan's position on Sunnyside Gardens?

What was Van Bremer's position on the Elmhurst Library.

What makes this building special?

Anonymous said...

I am waiting to see the breathless write up in HDC's newsletter Distict Lines.

It would be nice if they went beyond casual mention for something in western Queens even for a piece of shit like this.

Mike S. said...

If I told you once, I've told you thousands of girls need a place and I am connected! Right, Gary?

Anonymous said...

Individual Landmark status via the Landmarks Law doesn't dictate the use of a building. It protects a building's exterior against some alterations that could degrade the property values and appeal. Can we see a photo of the building the strip club is slated to open up in?

Anonymous said...

She is a disgrace. Openly abusing a government power and interfering with private business.


Sleazy strip club or not, its non the governments business.

But she'll keep getting elected again, and again.