Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a little upset over Bloomberg's term limits coup

From Brooklyn Paper via Bloomberg Watch:

I just read your endorsement of Mayor Bloomberg. I have to tell you that I will never read your paper again. I’m a Baby Boomer and I was brought up to believe that my vote counted. What a disgrace that you would endorse somebody that threw my vote down the toilet. Just down the toilet — and that’s how he got in.

Shame shame shame on your paper. What happened to democracy in this country? How could a paper like yours back somebody like him?

If that’s your values, there are plenty of Baby Boomers who are not happy who will stop reading your paper. And rightfully so.

Shame on you and your paper.

No name given

What a bunch of brown-nosing clap trap. Way to go, Rupert!

I especially liked this line: “To his ill-informed critics, the mayor is a tool of developers who want to pillage our communities.”

What about ill-informed editorialists?

Of course he’s a politician! He pays to play, instead of getting paid to play. Same difference.

By the way, how’s that Ground Zero thing coming along under this Superman’s steady hand?

Sam, Downtown


Anonymous said...

Ground Zero is just a cluster fuck of screwups. Delays with construction redesigns. - contractors screw-ups-unions orchestrating every move - contructions workers getting paid massive amounts of OT to do nothing-Drug testing-liquor at lunch-permit issues-OSHA Regulations-injuries.... just a litany of problems...

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg ain't wearin' his crown just yet!

There are an awful lot of pissed off voters who aren't buying his expensive propaganda.

When it's time for his job review this November...he'll be "let go".

And I for one will let go with a royal fart in celebration.

Anyone care to join me in a trumpet blast to the heavens?

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m...what if Bloomberg loses his third term bid?

Will he attempt to impose martial law?

As they cart off Mike to Bellevue:

"Summon the police and call out the national guard. The voting machines have been tampered with. Curfew...curfew"'s a terrorist plot"!

Taxpayer said...

Bellevue better get ready.

The madman will be residing there starting on November 4th.

He will be able exercise eminent domain over a bunk with a bug-eyed, rapist killer. Or, share, if that works.

Birds of feather ...

Anonymous said...

Luney Tune bins are usually chock full of Napoleons.

Emperor Bloomberg will have to produce papers proving he's Le Grande Bonaparte!

Maybe the nurses will let him wear his Ermine pajamas on visiting days.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Will he attempt to impose martial law?

You betcha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is following Jon Corzine's desperate footsteps by flooding the airwaves with relentless attack ads.

If Thompson represents "politics as usual," why are Bloomberg's hands covered in mud?