Monday, October 12, 2009

Teachers' aides not part of Bloomberg's 5-borough economic stimulus plan

From NY1:

Next week, education budget cuts will cause 530 school aides to be laid off, even if their schools can afford to keep them on.

The Department of Education says there are currently more aides than jobs.

While no school that budgeted for an aide will lose the position, union rules may force individual aides could be replaced by those with more seniority.

Can someone explain this? Seriously, I can't understand how we have fewer teaching jobs when the student population is constantly increasing. Oh wait, this goes along with building towers but closing firehouses...


Anonymous said...

It is not bad enough that the classrooms are filled with 30- 40 kids, now they want to take away teacher's aides? What a blooming idiot of a mayor.....

Taxpayer said...

Unborn children? "Kill it!"

Born? "Make the parents wish they had obeyed my command!"

Why pay to educate the future servants of the wealthy?

They will soon get uppity and make demands.

You should have killed them when you had time.

kingb said...

we'd have plenty of money if we were allowed to get rid of incompetent teachers

but that would make too much sense

Anony2 said...

The classrooms are so overcrowded that an adult can't fit into the room. That's why the aides are being cut!