Monday, October 12, 2009

Guy who hung out with terrorist claims racial profiling

From the Daily News:

Recent terror raids in Queens have led to a spike in fear and racial profiling, Muslim advocates charge.

About 40 people rallied outside the Flushing Public Library Saturday to draw attention to what they called an uptick in targeted policing.

"An entire community of people and religion should not be profiled or characterized as terrorists because of [one] certain investigation," said Monami Maulik, who runs the South Asian immigrant rights group Desis Rising Up and Moving.

Naiz Khan, who allowed Zazi to stay at his Flushing apartment, said FBI agents raided his flat and he hasn't been able to find work since.

"I was so scared and I was so nervous," he said. "I have been so affected by this."


Anonymous said...

"Sleep with the hounds, wake up with the flees."

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...
Birds of a feather flock together!

Anonymous said...

Easy to claim racial profiling while the truth is some were harboring criminals.

The rest of the city is not stupid as this community would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have known about this rally earlier. I would have went with my giant American flag.

Taxpayer said...

They hate "racial profiling"?

I demand - demand - racial profiling.

We all perform racial profiling.

Anyone who says otherwise is a liar!

Anyone who refuses to perform racial profiling deserves whatever harm comes from the refusal.

Anonymous said...

Is that Evergreen Chou in the upper right?

This quirkish perennial Green Party "candidate" has become one of the local laughing stock.

He's often quoted Chairman Mao's desire in the past of becoming, "The good politician".

Anonymous said...

Racial profiling is based on statistics not on political correctness. Of course, it is more likely for a terrorist to be Muslim rather than Catholic or Jewish. It is more likely that Muslims will allow Muslim terrorists to stay at their home. No sane employer will hire a person who has kept a terrorism suspect at his home, yet the article presents that person as a victim.

Think about it: one reason everyone has to be searched at airports is in order to be politically correct. If TSA officials were to pick out individuals from suspicious groups for thorough searching, they will inevitably call it racism or racial profiling.

A Better NYC said...

Here's why it's important to profile based on race...

Every terrorist bombing has been directly linked to a Muslim.

Every single one.

"Racial Profiling- It May Save Your Life One Day"

On a separate note...have you noticed that no Muslim has publically denounced the actions of these lunatic bombers.

You would think that Muslims here in the US would try to distances themselves from these terrorists. But I haven't seen it yet.

It really creates the perception that every single Muslim living here in the US embraces terrorits bombings.

Anonymous said...

These people sure have a lot of demands. I demand as a US Citizen that our government grow some testicles and deport their asses out of our country. Let's see if their homeland will cater to all their demands.

Anonymous said...

Every terrorist bombing has been directly linked to a Muslim.


Anonymous said...

Timothy McVeigh was a muslim, right? And that shoe bomber, he wasn't British-Jamaican, was he? And of course the ringleader of the Columbine gang was named Abdullah.

Anonymous said...

leave Evergreen alone, he's hot.

why do people come out to support this crap?

deport them all then let them try protesting where they come from!

no, we don't like being blown up and having our livelihoods destroyed.

we're "racist" for wanting decent jobs and living conditions? more crap in order to twist the truth.

send them all back!

Anonymous said...

Timothy McVeigh had help from a "John Doe #2" believed to be a Muslim.

The shoe bomber was Muslim and never set off the bomb.

Columbine was not a bombing.

Anonymous said...

You can't assume all Muslims are terrorists or only Muslims are terrorists, but you have to use common sense.

If someone's closest friends are terrorists, there is a greater than even probability that they may be too.

Looking into friends of known suspects is standard law-enforcement.

A good friend of mine had to speak to the FBI repeatedly during the cold war because she made trips to see her relatives in communist East Germany. Did that make the FBI racist? Do you remember the spies who sold bomb secrets to Russia?

Should we look for IRA radicals on Arthur Avenue or Harlem? No, we would look at Woodlawn or Woodside first.

Anonymous said...

If they don't like it they can leave the country. No one is making them stay

Anonymous said...

Perhaps racial profiling should be applied... on the construction industry.

It would drive the mafia out of the business.

Anonymous said...

if zazi harbored a nazi spy/saboteur during World War
Two,he would have been executed. that is exactly what happened to the german sabotage team,that came on shore on long island,from a nazi submarine. the deal was,NO UNIFORM,QUICK DEATH...NO MERCY,
while the islamo-facist terrorist"s behead captured
Americans,and force civilians to jump from 102 story
buildings,our government(now left-leaning) reads them their rights and provides a marxist lawyer ,which you pay for.
read:"Torpedo Junction"

Anonymous said...

Evergreen hot?

If the room he was in was on fire he wouldn't be hot!