Saturday, October 17, 2009

Johnny plans to reform EDC, IDA & DOE

From the Queens Campaigner:

As comptroller, Liu said he would quickly begin pushing his agenda for the office and making any necessary changes.

He listed several city agencies he would move quickly to reform, including the Economic Development Corp., Department of Education and Industrial Development Agency.

“Between the EDC and the IDA, a lot of substantial giveaways go to corporations and developers and there is not always a clear benefit to the taxpayers,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Joe Crowley is also calling for Monserrate's resignation.

From the NY Post:

"His conviction on a misdemeanor count, with jail time, that's the real concern," said a prominent Senate Democrat.

?? Joe Crowley's real concern is not for abused victims but insuring the batterer cannot work during his sentence?

I call for women's groups to go after Joe Crowley until he get's his priorities straight. It all about the clubhouse he leads, not about the victims in his districm you the citizen taxpayer and doing the right thing for the community. He brought Monserrate into the Democratic Queens clubhouse fold - Joe Crowley should get his own house sweeped, including a major readjustment to what is morally right.

The judge let this guy off the hook - the DA had the ability to pound away and did not execute. Judges and DA should not run under a political party or oversee a prosecution or judge one of their own - this is a kangaroo court system!

Anonymous said...

Jeeez...Johnny the crusader!

I don't believe a word of it...unless he gets what he needs before he pushes for "reform".

Hey Liu-ie "the liar"....what about reforming DOB and LPC or does that interfere with your cousin Tommy Huang's plans?

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya...this boy's bucking for mayor in four years.

He's already stated that he'd like to become president some day.
...of the U.S. of course...not Taiwan!

But a federal law will have to be changed before a foreign born candidate can run for that office.

H-m-m-m-m.....maybe China can afford to buy our country outright by then.

They've already made their down payment!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the other agencies, but there will be no reform of the DOE until Bloomcrap leaves.

Missing Foundation said...

Much may slip
Between cup and lip.

"Nuff said...."

Anonymous said...

just wait till he gets control of your money,pensions,overseeing contracts.primarily school busing. will he merge the "church bus " industry in the five boro. area,with d.o.e.busing ? do any of the pupils in flushing walk to school? why do the flushing pupils, (main st.), travel miles to other district's locations. flushing schools are not overcrowded.except when the
illegal alien boat and plane lands.