Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amnesty for illegals is not the answer

From Interactive Journalism:

In the last two decades, millions of Latin American immigrants have poured into all corners of this country – even remote places. Seeking refuge from economic and political instability in Latin America and real opportunities in a “meritocracy” like the United States (compared to the oligarchies of their homelands), these immigrants have an insatiable appetite for work and progress. However, absorbing this population will only slow down entreprenuership in developing nations, and it will not stop the hemorraging from these countries. U.S. immigration policies should go hand-in-hand with international diplomacy to get to the root of issues.

U.S. economic policies have historically plagued everything from the Tierra del Fuego to the Rio Grande. If NAFTA has really sunk Mexican agriculture, then President Barack Obama should take this into consideration when leveraging deals. Otherwise, the flow of undocumented immigrants will not stop with just one more legalization.The saga of displaced agrarians will likely continue with the signing of the Central American Free Trade Agreement. It’s time for a holistic economic policy with Latin America that keeps people happy at home.


Anonymous said...

Deportation that is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Amnesty is a give away and invites even more ever hopeful illegals to climb the fences here.

Do we want the murderious drug violence which is entrenched in Mexico today - spreading to here via the proxies arriving here every day?

Did your parents not suffer dearly by waiting years to enter or arrive at these shores - immigrating legally?

Anonymous said...

Well, it depends on the question.

If you are in politics to make money, if you are a landlord that wants to bleed a community white, if you are an employer that wants to turn back the clock to the 19th century, if you are in the social service industry (and 'industry' is the right word for it) and have access to grants and funding that is used for your salary, then yes, it is the answer.

Next question.

Anonymous said...

it's the invasion, the illegals are the shock troops sent to destroy the USA.

a total mind screw since we are conditioned to feel sorry for illegal aliens and their endless children, relatives and sick elderly.

who is feeling sorry for me when I lost my income and my apartment? Who is feeling sorry for me when I had to apply for food stamps?

not the illegal aliens.

to them I am just a lazy American who is in their way. Despite the fact that it was because of people like me who agitated for better conditions.

For the most part Americans have been brought up to not take government benefits. Not the illegals. they demand the benefits, then have no problem w/ working off the books.

Why is it so good for illegals to do these things, but not Americans? Why are churches and organizations like the Lutheran Resettlement Committee teaching illegal aliens how to get over on the US government?

Why is it okay for illegal aliens to vend food with out licenses and drag their children along to sell the stuff?

Anonymous said...

Everytime these illegals get amnesty it cheapens our American Citizenship. We are supposed to be a nation of laws. Politicians ignore these laws that they were sworn to uphold, because the body count (census) in this country insures them of added political seats. Illegals insure their job security. We voted for term limits, but the politicians choose to ignore us. There should be term limits for ALL politicians. If two terms is the limit for the President of the US, then it should be for ALL politicians, on all levels. Until we start enforcing our laws, this country is doomed. Uphold our constitution before it's too late.

Anonymous said...


Gee....we haven't heard "Salvatore" on this subject for a long time.

Maybe he got sent back to El Salvador.