Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is 1970s New York on its way back?

From the Daily News:

As of last week, dealers already doing time in prison became eligible for early release - and hundreds have rushed to apply. Also last week, judges were given broad powers to go easy on drug convicts - even in cases where prosecutors strongly object.

If they choose, judges can turn lesser felons loose on probation. They can send a dealer with multiple convictions into treatment. They can even wipe out records of past offenses - so employers, including schools and nursing homes, could have no clue about whom they are hiring.

Plainly, New York has let down its guard against the single biggest cause of violent crime. And the druggies know it. One of them was tape-recorded on a jailhouse phone saying of Paterson and the Legislature:

"They just gave me the free-for-all. You know what that means? I'm burnin' the streets up when I go home."

Brace for the horrible consequences of mush-headed policy.


Anonymous said...

NRA all the way!

Taxpayer said...

"Brace for the horrible consequences of mush-headed policy."

- - -

Mush headed?

No way!

This is a nakedly deliberate assault on decent, law-abiding citizens.

At night, the streets will again belong to the depraved.

Small businesses that operate after dark will suffer severely because people will simply stay home.

Jobs at those small business will disappear.

Oh! Yeah! Happy days will be here again!

Remember the Commissar eliminated more than 6000 police officers from the NYPD.

But he and his connected cronies will be safe. They will always be surrounded by heavily armed guards (some of the armed guards will be these very drug dealers).

You can thank him for what's coming.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get some of that weed?

Anonymous said...

Its true.

Whenever I reminisce with people about the old days and how bad it was, everyone comes up with all these reasons why things are better now. More jobs (until recently), better cops and more of them, better schools etc. etc.
I always have one reply... no matter how bad you may think it is today, no matter what you say, look around and really try to remember. There are A LOT less people using drugs and on the occasion they do they are using those drugs a lot less.

In addition the drugs that are available to teens ( and the rich hipsters) is a lot less potent then it used to be thus not turning the teens into habitual users. It makes more money for the dealers now but destroys their customer base for the future.

Less drugs are the reason why crime is down. When you are an addict or when drugs are a big part of your life, you have a lot less to live for and care about the reprucussions a lot less because you feel that you are so far away from that house with the white picket fence that you dont even want to try.

Anonymous said...

Like Nixon-Ford, Like Reagan-Bush!

Anonymous said...

Great job NYS Legislature

Anonymous said...

the state can't afford to keep them in jail and it is cheaper to rehab them.