Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More letters to the Trib

These letters were posted in the comments here and I understand they were both printed in this week's Tribune.

Own Up

A full apology from Mr. Shenckler, Mr. Nussbaum, Mr. Kim and Congressman Ackerman is required for the shameful use of a newspaper's front page to promote the character assassination of an honest candidate like Mr. Halloran by applying a jaundiced cast to his personal religious beliefs.

I would not see fit to inject opponent Kim's religion into a political race unless, for example, its practitioners sacrificed children!

As you've recently indicated in your counter editorial Mr. Schenkler...a newspaper's job is to defend the peoples' right to know.

I'm in full agreement with a news gathering organization's protection under the first amendment which guarantees one of our most important rights...freedom of speech!

However, you should now stand up and take it like men.

Admit that you were walking on thin ice when you mixed reporting with advertising.

Print a retraction!

And candidate Kim...if you expect anyone to trust or vote for you...a public apology to your fellow candidate Mr. Halloran is due immediately!

You cannot get off the hook simply by denying your connection to or knowledge of what your advertising agency "Multi Media" was doing on your behalf.

As a former ad agency executive who assisted working on Robert F. Kennedy's political campaign I can assure all of you readers that the client approves all of his advertising and public relations strategies beforehand.

Accept responsibility Mr. Kim or risk losing the race.

Let's all keep this a clean fight and may the best man win.

Jerry Rotondi

Why the focus?

Why is Michael Schenkler surprised about Dan Halloran's sudden change of heart on promoting Asatru-Theodism? After being ridiculed as a "Pagan Lord" on the front page of this newspaper, Halloran took down his religious website/blog and changed his religion status on Facebook. Perhaps Halloran took down his website so that the local press would focus more on the platform of his candidacy, than his personal beliefs.

The "Pagan Lord" headline hits a sensitive nerve, because even today, pagans are still widely associated with violence, witchcraft and Halloween, after centuries of persecution by Christian authorities in Europe.

Only a generation ago, it was still acceptable to ridicule gays in public. Today, gay candidates like Danny Dromm and Jimmy van Bramer are widely respected, and nobody in the press peeps into their personal lives. So why is Halloran given a hard time?

Sergey Kadinsky
Fresh Meadows

Yes, let's please focus on the issues. Like why Kevin Kim would choose a man who was a convicted crony of Donald Manes and a smut peddler to run his campaign. Maybe Mr. Kim can also explain why about 95% of his campaign contributions come from outside the district where he is running. Can't wait for the answers.


Anonymous said...

As much as you soft soap it, Halloran's views are nuts. As a Repub, this is the best we can do??

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Well done Queens Crap. From The New York eminent domain Times to local rags it is clear papers are not interesting in reporting the news but pushing forth their agendas.

That is why more people turn to blogs and YouTube and less and less to newspapers...

Anonymous said...

Not only were most of Kim's contributions coming from out of the district but from out of the city, state and a few from out of the United States as well!

I'm particularly interested in two foreign sources of contributions...#1. the money that came from Beijing, China and #2. from Seoul, South Korea!

H-m-m-m...Isn't Congressman Ackerman on the East Asia Committee?

Thank's "Crapper" for that link to the NYC Campaign Finance Board.

It looks like a hostile takeover of the 19th district is being orchestrated by Ackerman & Co.

georgetheatheist said...

And on the Whore Front.

An open question to Tribune reporter Lori Gross (author of the current issue's article: "Grief for Her Daughter. Mom Tells Tale of Teen Prostitution As Group Aims to Fight Sex Slavery")

Lori, there are no mirrors at the Tribune? Don't you find it revolting working at a publication that, via its classified whore ads, itself promotes sex slavery? Aren't you, by extension, promoting sex slavery?

Anonymous said...

Kim & Hackerman...Howdy Doody & Phineas T. Bluster!

Joe said...

GeorgeTheAssRapist, Lori's doing her job as a journalist. Save your breath trying to attach her to the other bullshit you're attributing to the paper.

So far I've been pretty happy you all have been able to separate your hate for the Tribune from its staff reporters, who seem to just do their jobs and stay out of this shit.

Yeah George, that girl promotes sex slavery as much as you promote clear thinking and logic. Try as hard as you might, the Trib's shit doesn't make her stink.

Anonymous said...


georgetheatheist said...

My, my. I hit a nerve.

Queens Crapper said...

Was Lori "just doing her job" when she asked me to participate in a non-story about anonymous blogs? Or was there some other agenda?

Anonymous said...

If she was just dong her job she would investigate Nussbaum and his whore ads.

Anonymous said...

As much as you soft soap it, Halloran's views are nuts. As a Repub, this is the best we can do??


you're not a "repub", you're an ackerman troll or just a lemming dem.

Anonymous said...

Years ago Congressman Ackerman held the record for bounced checks and subsequently resigned from the ethics committee.

Shrewd move Gary because your personal ethics suck the one eyed worm!

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless "Joe" even a clock watcher in a whore house is responsible by association for all that goes on within.

I wouldn't feel very good myself about working for the "Trib" but maybe that's the best Lori can do at the moment.

It's understandable under those circumstances because we all gotta make a buck during these hard times.

Anonymous said...

"Anon #1" is just "ruffles" Rafferty go-fering for his daily bread.

Try soft soaping your middle finger and...well...you can figure out the rest.

Anonymous said...

Damn "Crapper"...that's a doosie!

With a front page like that maybe you should take over the "Trib"!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet this is being downloaded all over the 19th district and beyond!

It's a classic!

Boy did you open up a can a crap when you started shit slinging...eh Mr. Shenkler?


No starch on the banknotes please.

Anonymous said...

this "debate" reminds me of a dog dragging its ass across the living room carpet. I'm not sure who is the dog and who is the carpet, but it's still kinda sad to watch.

Anonymous said...

Nor do you know your ass from your elbow...you sad sack!

"Ruffles" again?

Anonymous said...

ruffles should stop accusing people of being ruffles.

Anonymous said...

I am the Queens pooper.


Anonymous said...

the Trib's shit doesn't make her stink.

Joe, wanna see an asshole? Go to the nearest mirror. Be careful not to puke, you shit for brains!

Anonymous said...

what was the connection between G.Ackerman and convicted American spy, for Israel,Jonathan Pollard?

see:Q.C. "WALLS OF SEPARATION" 10/9/09,comments.

read:"the new yorker","THE TRAITOR,THE CASE AGAINST JONATHAN POLLARD" by Seymour M. HERSH 1/18/99

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Achermann Arshvipe! Ja, das war wunderbar! Har-har-har!

Anonymous said...

So has anyone here actually looked through Kim's donor lists? He's actually got a lot more in district donors than Halloran.

Or, you guys can just go ahead and keep on bashing Asian Americans, that's cool.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Kim opt out of receiving matching funds?

If so...WHY?

Anonymous said...

(Yawn) that tired old "bashing Asian Americans" mantra.

When there's nothing else substantial to put forward it's time once again to palm that race card from the bottom of the deck and throw it down on the table.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...poor little Asian victim...BAH!

Nobody really cares squat if Kim would adequately represent the 19th district.

I probably would have voted for him myself being a registered Democrat.

But he's not qualified to represent the district.

He's clueless so he will be taking his orders from boss Gary who "knows" what's best for us.

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR AN ACKERMAN GOFER regardless of his color, race or religion.

Oh but yet it was OK for the "Trib" to religion bash on their front page.

You guys just don't like it when the tables might be turned on you.

Well...f--k you where you breathe!

It will all be settled on November 3rd...you Hackerman trolls.

Anonymous said...

So has anyone here actually looked through Kim's donor lists? He's actually got a lot more in district donors than Halloran.

B U L L S H I T ! ! ! ! !

Le Artiste de Noir said...

I'd put your redux of the "Trib's" front page out on the streets "Crapper" if I had a good team to work with.

I've already printed it out dozens and matted them for my friends.

You've created a cult icon!

Anonymous said...

It's been said that Kim speaks fluent Mandarin too.

That might account for that Beijing, China campaign contribution that was mentioned earlier.

H-m-m-m...a triple "agent" (?) in our midst...China's, Korea's and Ackerman's boy?

How convenient that Congressman Gary happens to be on the East Asia Committee.

Maybe everybody is hooked up in the lucrative sex trade of the far east.

Ackerman, Shenckler, Nussbaum and I wonder who else?

There are plenty of Korean "clubs" in the 19th district.

Some have already been raided by a combined law enforcement task force last year comprised of police, state liquor authority, the DA's office, etc.

It resulted in many code and other violations. Some appeared to have been fronts for other things.

The "Rennaisance Cafe" on 154th Street & northern Blvd. (now closed) was trafficking in prostitutes. Sex slavery, I believe, was the term used in the press.

Anonymous said...

If the Yes Men can spoof NY Post covers, Crapper should hire a street team of activists to handout the spoof Tribs.

I. M. Curious said...

Or, you guys can just go ahead and keep on bashing Asian Americans, that's cool.

I'm sure that Causcasians are being bashed as well but how can we tell??? However, Kim's campaign contributions paint a very suspicious picture. I read through the contributor's list and the question raised in my mind is how much loyalty will Kim have to the 19th district when funds come from outside of the district, including donations from California, Texas, Hawaii as well as the foreign contributions. Hmmm..... I wonder if Cong. Hackerman solicited these funds using the power of his office. Can someone tell me if that is legal, borderline, or worthy of an investigation?

Queens Crapper said...

"I'm sure that Causcasians are being bashed as well but how can we tell???"

Well for one, the illegal Chinese car services in CB4 refuse to pick up Caucasians. Will write more about this soon.

Anonymous said...

i would never vote for a candidate,(from my ethnic heritage), solely because we are connected that way.

it appears from the 99.5 % asian names from Kim's donor list,that is the possible case ?less than 5% are local donors.

if one checks the website, PROPERTY SHARK .COM it lists most of district 19 as 60% caucasian,25% asian.

you now know why the three stooges had to smear Halloran. especially after he scored a "knockout" over Kim at the college point debate. Halloran"s anti tax hike stance vs. Kim's evading this issue, should worry the 25% asians in district 19. sadly,it will not . when you drink the KOOL-AID, you lose.

when the asians get their tax bill they may only blame themselves for an ethnic vote. a left-winger ,
of any color,creed,religion is still a left-winger.

Anonymous said...

Well for one, the illegal Chinese car services in CB4 refuse to pick up Caucasians.

The Crapster informs...as usual!

Anonymous said...

So has anyone here actually looked through Kim's donor lists? He's actually got a lot more in district donors than Halloran.

as of today 10-14-2009 Kim has 766 Donors, 272 from Queens

Anonymous said...

Out of 266 Contributions for Halloran better than 90%(Probably close to 98%) are from Queens, none are from Asia (China, Korea etc.)

Anonymous said...

272 from Queens

But not all from the 19th District! Once again, who will Kim answer to, the constituency or the campaign donors?

Anonymous said...

kim"s donor count from district 19 is 165,with approximately 25double or triple listings. 43 donations were for $10.

two donation's of $2750. each ,from n.y.c. are from c.boies and m.wang of law firm "Boies,Schiller,Flexner.partner David Boies is the counsel who represented al gore at the Supreme Court,during the BUSH VS.gore trial,in 2000. The Court ruled that the Florida Supreme Court's method for recounting the vote, was in violation of equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment.the Florida Supreme Court also violated article two of the Constitution,by misinterpreting Florida election law, by the Florida legislature.

a one party government is too dangerous to the citizens.we must have checks and balances to have freedom. our S.Korean local neighbors of 2009 ,should never forget that my generation sacrificed 37,000
American lives, to give their past relatives freedom.they owe our dead ,not to elect puppets of the leftwing democrats.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that a lot of you are going through Kim's campaign contributions list with a fine tooth comb..

Bravo! Knowledge is power!

And from the looks of it Kim has no real financial support in the 19th district.

Why else did he have to fish for funds out of district, borough, city, state and country?

So one must conclude if Kim has no local financial support he has no local voter support either.

We'll see. It'll all be settled on November 3rd!

Anonymous said...

Ackerman makes out whichever way things go because he's placed bets on win, place & show.

If Kim wins Gary's in the pink.

If he loses "Multi media" places with the 80 grand they've suckered Kevin out of.

And of course, Kim can show up and continue as the Congressman's gofer.

Win, place or show the Ackerman/Nussbaum/Shenckler team comes out ahead and goes out to celebrate.

But at which massage parlor?
That's the question.

Anonymous said...

Why are people making such a big deal about whore ads in the Tribune? Apparently Halloran approves of prostitution as one of the members of his nutty church was recently arrested for pimping out his own wife.
Is this the kind of "Family Values" Dan is promoting?