Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mike Bloomberg: Fiscal Genius!

From the NY Post:

The $1 billion in stimulus cash being spent in city schools this year has not created new jobs, and may be one of worst uses of funds aimed at jumpstarting the economy, experts say.

The Department of Education doled out $625 million this year to 1,475 schools, instructing that most of the money go for staffers that "would otherwise have been cut." The rest is helping pay the rising cost of fringe benefits and administrative costs.

No cash is going to build or repair schools.

Chancellor Joel Klein had threatened 14,000 teacher layoffs before the stimulus, but not one has gotten a pink slip.

Instead, the DOE now has 1,400 "excess" teachers getting paid without jobs to fill.

It's fiercely debated whether the DOE's gobbling up $2 billion in stimulus funds over two years -- 36 percent of the city's total share -- is boosting the economy or bloating a bureaucracy.


Gary the Agnostic said...

You can overcook anything--even books!!!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

But I am der education mayor, schweinehundz!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Adolf Bloomhitler said...
But I am der education mayor, schweinehundz!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


....And we're getting quite an education on how to con and destroy the middle class population in this city!!!

Taxpayer said...

Want this to continue?

Or, do you want to control your own kids' education?

Do you want to control the money you earn?

Do you want to control your own life?

Or, do you really want to be shit upon by this dwarf, turtle-faced liar?

Take control. Dump him!

italian girl said...

Those 1,400 "excess" teachers otherwise known as ATR's(Absent Teacher Reserve) are the result of Klein closing down schools and these teachers, many of them veteran teachers, having en extremely difficult time getting hired by principals who don't want the salaries they come with.


Missing Foundation said...

This stimulus money is going to mob contractors and developers to continue building.

Its calculated not to help those who need it most, and will do the most good with it, but like everything else, its being used to get elected and pay off campaign chits.

In others words, wasted.

kingb said...

Thompson will be not better, in fact worse, at WASTING money, especially when it comes to schools.

And the greedy UFT shares plenty of the blame as well..