Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bloomberg gets his wish?

Let's hope the price of the gas goes down after this place opens. $4.95/gallon seems like an awful lot.


linda said...

Someone needs to stop this fxxking guy. he doesn't drive so he doesn't give a shit. I'm so sick of him raising everything why can't anyone stop him? Please someone tell me i'm starting to want to get the hell out of new york and i'm sure alot of other people feel the same. VOTE HIS ASS OUT!

Anonymous said...

who needs petrol?

Bloomberg's the biggest gas bag around!

if they choose (or are smart enough) to do so!

Anonymous said...

oh we are!

Anonymous said...

What really cracks me up is that nobody here has caught on that this blog is merely a guerilla tactic by the Bloomberg administration to radicalize and isolate Queens conspiracy theorists.

C'mon folks, you're blaming Bloomie for the dummy gas price markers.

Queens Crapper said...

What really cracks me up is you don't understand that this post is a joke. We understand these are dummy gas prices, but Bloomberg said he would raise gas prices to $4/gallon if it were up to him.

Remembering this, people are simply expressing their desire for him to go before their worst fears become reality.

Anonymous said...

No, really. I get your joke. It's funny.

Personally, I would not mind a bit if gas cost us $4/gallon. Or $5. (And I'm not even a Bloomberg supporter. I just know that petrol costs about that much - or more- in many other parts of the world.) If gas were a little more precious, perhaps we wouldn't see idiots idling for half an hour along the curb. And then, bonus!, our air quality would improve considerably.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because that's exactly what happened when gas actually was $4 a gallon last summer. Oh wait, that didn't happen and the MTA even used that as a reason to raise the fare because the buses run on gasoline. Products got more expensive because it got more expensive to ship them.

Anonymous said...

"...because the buses run on gasoline. Products got more expensive because it got more expensive to ship them."

NYC buses increasingly DON'T run on gasoline. Sorry. MTA just wanted your money.

And maybe products SHOULD be more expensive. We're gonna run out of third world countries to export production to pretty soon. Heck, China's already starting to get expensive. So then what? hamsters will make our clothes and toys? As for those domestic agricultural products you were referring to, well... it's tragic that the prices will increase, but maybe then it's time to reevaluate our SUPER-sized meals and monoculture farming by agribiz conglomerates and return to a more sustainable, local sourcing of foodstuffs. And reasonable portions at mealtime.

The piper must one day be paid.