Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloomberg's latest bright idea


Say what you will about Mayor Bloomberg's energy policy, but at least it's consistent.

Having advocated higher taxes on fuel over the summer, Bloomberg yesterday came out in support of a return to the scary days of $4-a-gallon gasoline -- regardless of its potential impact on the fragile economy.

"I mean, [the idea] is not popular," the mayor conceded on his weekly radio show.

"If you're a capitalist, which I am, and you want to solve the problem that we're driving gas guzzlers and driving too much and not using mass transit, you have to have higher fuel prices," he said.

"...My suggestion was [to impose] the tax and take the money and use it to help those who lose their jobs to get training and that sort of thing, so you could transfer the money and not have a bad effect on the economy."

Interesting that this is coming from the man who forces taxpayers to pay for the gas that goes into the two SUVs that haul him to the subway when he doesn't feel like walking (which is every day).

Photo from the NY Times.


Anonymous said...

So funny when pols advocate hiking taxes and then give specifics as to what those taxes would fund. Bloomturds gas tax could just as easily go to fund University studies as to how 'transgender stimulus initiatives promote eco-diversity efforts in the impending global warming/cooling climate.' or maybe 15 union City employees might sit at an intersection, disrupt traffic, and build a 115 sq ft 'park' with a nice plaque, sayin Mayor Bloomturd built it.

If u are a Republican, GIVE UP ON THE STATE PARTY. They are useless. I wish I had a direction for you to go to, but I dont. Follow your convictions.

linda said...

raise the cost of gas! what the hell is wrong with this man. we finally came down and he wants to bring it right back up. no one in nyc and surrounding areas is going to put up with this one. what a dumb ass, people leave the city now for ciggs, now will have to do the same for gas? when will someone finally step up to this bloomass and say "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" apparently he doesn't want to be mayor again, he keeps digging his grave deeper and deeper. hey bloomass, why not tax the cigars your buddies smoke, oh not on the rich? sick of this man alreadu he needs to get the hell out of office NOW...

Anonymous said...

I'd gladly pay for Bum-turd's SUVs if they haul him away to a garbage dump and plant him there.

Or, uh....let's make the location Willets Point.

They might even name a portion of it for hizzoner.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, although Bloomberg has the details wrong. And he's not exactly the greatest messenger. Ideally, you'd have a gradually increasing national carbon tax. To offset any regressiveness of this tax, you'd lower payroll taxes. So, labor becomes cheaper, but energy derived from polluting and non-renewable sources becomes more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is not worth responding to these days. In fact ignore him at the polls this year.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is not worth responding to these days. In fact ignore him at the polls this year.


You are either stupid, or want him to be successful in his effort to buy silence in the media as they film staged events in the evening news.

Every time you see Blumturd


Anonymous said...

Ideally, you'd have a gradually increasing national carbon tax.


The science that gave Al Gore a Nobel Peace Prize is as flawed as hell! The whole business of carbon credits is just!!! There is enough information out there that can be reviewed. Too bad that members of the media forgot to read!

Although I have been concerned about industrial pollution since the first Earth day, I fail to see how limiting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a good thing. After all, don't trees, plants, and food crops need this gas in order to be productive? Isn't oxygen produced by this process?

An interesting article:

Is Bloomturd a part of a bigger plan that may not bode well for the majority of the people on the planet?

italian girl said...

"I'd gladly pay for Bum-turd's SUVs if they haul him away to a garbage dump and plant him there."

Thanks anonymous. I really needed that this morning.

Anonymous said...

Check out the trailer from the link below. I bought the DVD and it is jaw dropping. The global warming issue is the biggest scam perpetuated on the human race!

Anonymous said...

Any time..."Italian Girl".

I raise my espresso cup
for all of your comments that made my day.

Buono fortuna!

that's right...jerry rotondi said...

"Hang Michael Bloomberg to a sour apple tree" (hee, hee).

Guess who's singing?

Alan said...

There is a sudden interest in "geo-engineering" the planet in order to combat the global warming farce. Saint Obama is now getting with the program which includes the possibility of spraying the atmosphere with sulphur and other potentially toxic substances.

Hey folks WAKE UP!!! These programs have been ongoing for over a decade! During the summer of '06 I noticed unusual jet contrails that lingered for hours and obscured the sky:

Since then I have become involved in research to find out what we are seeing. A gentleman from Brooklyn, KSD, and I created a website 2 years ago in order to find and disseminate photos, videos, and other information.

We have interviewed many people with expertise and posted these as podcasts on the site. We even interviewed Bill Evans, the chief meteorologist at WABC-TV. We don't claim to have answers but our goal is to make people look up and see for themselves that there is something going on that needs greater attention paid to it.

Please feel free to visit There are links to other websites and information as well. This is material that the Bloomturd & friends media people do not want you to know!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this idiot in November. He really thinks he's going to be re-elected. People are having trouble paying their bills now and he wants to inflict more pain on people by raising the gas price. Since the MTA is cutting bus service and total routes in Queens, people will be forced to use their cars, but this idiot still wants the taxpayers to pay more. Dump him like yesterday's garbage. He's not good for New York. Give someone new a chance. Anyone would be better than Bloomburg.

Anonymous said...

The 'green' mayor, my ass!

A please oh please, media capital of the world.

Can SOMEONE, ANYONE, do a green profile of this six home owning plutocrat?

j.b. diGriz said...

I have no problems with $5/gallon for gas so long as:

a) it all goes to public mass-transit
b) it's tied to specific expansion plans, factored against a serious study on the tax income, with at least half of all expansion going to Queens
c) Northern NJ and Western CT have to sign up for the tax too
d) a RFP should go out for companies to offer Zipcar-type services

Anonymous said...

He wants to keep the unwashed out of manhattan.

Anonymous said...

He wants to keep the unwashed out of manhattan.


El correcto there! That is one of the reason those shadowy 'affordable housing' types always wants to dump 1000s of units in Queens and say nothing about people of color, affordable housing, and the like being pushed out of Manhattna.

They are assholes.

Would be nice if someone can discuss this topic with Bloomberg while the cameras are rolling.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,a green see how crappy the construction quality on new buildings is .Nothing high trch,minimal isulation and they won't even use cfls in the outdoor lighting......gotta keep costs down to make maximum profits!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone win against this egotistical, spoiled, always gets what he wants, and is a sore loser when he doesn't, mayor.

He is already running ads. How can anyone compete with his money.

We are doomed!