Monday, April 20, 2009

LI town increasing illegal conversion fines

From Newsday:

The Town of Islip, which has faced criticism recently for slow enforcement of illegal rentals, is taking aim at landlords with onerous new penalties, including jail time of up to a year or a fine as high as $10,000 for third-time offenders.

The penalties, adopted unanimously by the town board this week, are among the highest on Long Island: for the first offense, a fine as high as $2,500; for the second, as high as $5,000.

Islip's matches Babylon's highest penalty.

Huntington's code calls for a fine as high as $15,000 but no jail time.


Anonymous said...

Hey maybe the city could do the same and then all the illegals will go back to their countries. too many illegal apartments in queens.

Anonymous said...

Impliment this for Elmhurst and watch the illegal CO & SRO dwellings disappear. The city can raise lot of $$ and have a clearner safer city without the illegal people feeding off the city services the rest of us pay for.

Anonymous said...

There was a huge fire in Jamaica this morning; I'm sure we'll hear that the people living in the attic were in an illegal apartment. How many people have to get hurt or die before they crack down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the city could crack down on 52nd Drive in Maspeth near 74th Street. They could make money on the whole block.

ew-3 said...

Islip needs to do this to be able to pay their teachers.

According to the Empire Center, a total of 254 teachers in Central Islip and East Islip - 27 percent of the instructional staffs - earned more than $100,000 last year. A Newsday survey in 2001 set the figures then at 15 percent of teachers and other professionals in Central Islip, 13 percent in East Islip - at the time, the highest percentages on the Island.

"Compensation for teachers averaged $81,853 in Central Islip, $89,595 in East Islip, the center reported. A state commission has calculated the Islandwide median salary for teachers and other school professionals at $77,290."

-Joe said...

Another town (like Manhasset)where the Sheeple with $$ are home watching fake realiety garbage on plasma during local election nights

Parts of Islip are now becoming overcrowded, slums, something had to be done.

Most of those wetbacks "booted" made a B line to the local Churches. Chump change Tickets is all that happens to the landlords who look at it as a tax.

I live 1/2 time in Southold.
Over here they take people out in handcuffs & send in the dog "Ajax" to look for drugs
Migrant Farm workers must have papers and health cards. The farm owner must also house them workers on his own property (own house, or guest house)
...and if there is drugs or guns in that house he's up the creek.
Most the Illegels moved back west. There were 100's of bicycles at the dump last fall.
It pays off
The Mattituck/Chutchogue schools district is 99% white, does not need ESL teachers has 15-20 well behaved kids per classroom.
They have around 2-3 kids per year dropout

Riverhead and Southhampton is so over run with illegels out of work the Cathilic church baught them a property to camp on.
1000 people live on property and crap in the woods and rob anything they can sell.
Everybodys Weber BBQ kettles have suddenly "Disappeared" !

Next time the Church or Brother&Sister want money or clothing donations TELL THEM TO F_ OFF !
The Church wants to re-seed the flocks and is a HUGE part of the problem