Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's wrong with that?

20 Percent of New Jersey Schools Asking About Immigration

NEWARK, NJ (AP) -- The American Civil Liberties Union says at least one-fifth of New Jersey's school districts are asking students their immigration status as they register for school.

The ACLU says it violates state and federal law to ask.

Compliance in the ACLU's survey this year was little better than two years ago, after which the state Department of Education warned districts not to ask about students' immigration status.

ACLU staff and volunteers pose as family or friends of students and call all the state's school districts to find out about their policies. Of 515 that responded, 139 said they had forms that asked for immigration status.

A state Education Department spokeswoman says that schools that violate the law could face punitive action in the future, including losing state aid.

You mean municipalities can't give kids of legal taxpayers priority when it comes to filling seats in public schools? Now that's a damn shame.


Anonymous said...

Joe Crowley's
"Demon-cratic Clubhouse"
would never ask about immigration overburdening our school system
(hospitals, transportation, etc. systems).

They're too busy IMPORTING their votes because us natives are
already too wise to their crappy performance and thievery.

It's so much easier to tweed a newcomer!

Wade Nichols said...

The "diversity is our strength" cheerleadering white people don't have to worry about these types of schools - they can afford to live in areas with better schools (read: mostly white and asian), or they send their kids to private schools. They can then look down their noses at the poor rubes who can't afford the better areas/private schools, and call those schools who ask for "papers" - "RACIST"!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's wearisome Wade again...
an Archie Bum-ker rep of the Queenms machine.

My gaydar tells me that names like Bruce and Wade are highly suspect.

(Maybe he's really Evan).

Wade Nichols said...

Oh it's wearisome Wade again...
an Archie Bum-ker rep of the Queenms machine.

My gaydar tells me that names like Bruce and Wade are highly suspect.

(Maybe he's really Evan).

Another message from another "Anonymous" loser! Quite appropriate, since when you're dead and gone, no one will ever remember you existed in the first place!

How appropriate that you mention your "gaydar"! Are you trying to tell us a subliminal message?

When you get together with Ridgewoodian, I'm willing to bet that you're the girl! Do you wear bobby sox and a poodle skirt, along with your Kotex?

Ridgewoodian said...

Wade, Wade, Wade, Wade, Wade, you've gotta get over me, dear. I'm barely here in weeks and you still bring me up every chance you get. I'm almost flattered. But mostly I'm creeped out. Can I expect to see you at the Nude Song of Myself followed by a clothing optional reception sponsored by Males Au Naturel? Hope so, big guy!

As for the substance of this post: What's wrong with schools asking for immigration information is because it's apparently ILLEGAL.

Anonymous said...

And why is it illegal?

Anonymous said...

I don't want my tax dollars paying for the education of illegal immigrants.

I don't want my tax dollars paying for their free health care.


Ridgewoodian said...

ANONYMOUS: And why is it illegal?

Because our legally elected representatives have declared it to be so. And it does make some sense: schools are there to teach, what pedagogical purpose does knowing a child's immigration status, or the status of their parents, serve?

I suppose you could say that such children shouldn’t be in our schools at all but then we would be allowing a completely uneducated generation to arise, one that would eventually be fit for – what exactly? Yes, that’s an EXCELLENT idea, and one that will pay enormous dividends years into the future.

ANONYMOUS: I don't want my tax dollars paying for the education of illegal immigrants.

And I don’t want mine used for paying for war in Iraq. And Sarah Palin doesn’t want it used for sex education (which has worked out SO WELL for her family). If you don’t like how your tax dollars are spent, elect representatives who will spend them differently. But if you can’t, if your numbers aren’t large enough, accept it until the next election and try to stop whining.

Anonymous said...

Overburdened school districts should be able to seat legal residents first. The law needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

hmm, I see the original post was diverted from.

What has Crowley done for his constituency lately? Where is he besides in a few photographs with Bengali businessmen?

Have you ever called his office for help with an ongoing problem?

ever get that help?

His staff in Jackson Heights are the nastiest laziest slobs who know that Joe does not check up on the office, lets them get away with all kinds of CRAP.

Angela Decker at Congressman Joseph Crowley's office deserves an award for the biggest largest piece of crap in Queens.

Manton passed the office onto Crowley WITH OUT an election. Crowley is not an 1/8 of the man that Manton was. At least when you went to Manton's office with an issue or problem they helped you.

Yes, Crowley is rah-rah the immigrant invaders. His has conveniently forgotten about the natives. The immigrants have huge lobbies paid for in part by their own governments. for example- Emerald Isle Immigration Center, where does their funding come from? The Irish government. Gee thanks guys.

yes please set these people up in business give them SBA loans and grants, watch them hire only other immigrants. Ever see Irish immigrants employ Americans in their business's?