Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What will move into Woodhaven Lanes?

The most interesting thing mentioned in this article is not that bowlers have moved onto JIB lanes but that Woodhaven Lanes will remain empty for the foreseeable future. agent for Woodhaven Realty - which owns the now-vacant Woodhaven Lanes building - revealed that he turned down a 25% rent decrease plea from the alley's long-time operator, Brunswick, before it closed.

Agent Robert Corroon also said he wants a retailer to move into the site as soon as possible.

A Panera Bread spokesman previously said the bakery-cafe would open in the former alley, but now says Panera will open a block further south on Woodhaven Blvd.


Neversleep said...

Given that commercial leases typically run for 20 years, the owner would rather sit on an empty building and file RPIE's for a while than saddle himself with a bad lease.

This property is just a chip in their pot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Panera Bread and Five Guys Burgers/Fries is into the ground floor below the Sleepy's and behind Sport's Authority.

Anonymous said...

they will probably stick a big ass .99 cent store in there.