Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Queens and New Mexico have in common

I gotta say, I love the map!


Ridgewoodian said...

Cool. But I can't help but to think those five states get 10 senators among them while New York has to share two with Upstate. *SIGH*.

Anonymous said...


Hillary is a no show.

We have one.

Anonymous said...

We both have a border with Mexico.

Anonymous said...

they both share a vibrant Hispanic culture and senior out-to-lunch Archie Bunkers that support the machine and believe everyone owes them everything?

Wade Nichols said...

Oh come now Crappy!

The "astute" trolls who monitor this board all know why you love that map. It's all right in front of us:

Queens = New Mexico

C'mon, that's an obvious subliminal "racially coded" message to appeal to bigoted "Archie Bunkers" (which obviously includes me, according to these Trolls)!

You're just trying to stir up trouble!

-Joe said...

Sorry guys, the map tells the truth !!

You can walk From Norman Street in Ridgewood all the way up Fresh Pond to Metro and not hear one person speaking English.
Mexicans are even making the Pizza in Corato's.

The sauce is nasty and spicy (Like Battery acid)and you usually have to take a dried up re-heated slice.

I got stuck in nasty traffic on Grand ave. All these pregnant females with 3 or more kids were all over.

The situation is worse then when the PR's invaded and destroyed Bushwick in the 60's.


Ridgewoodian said...

Funny, I thought Polish and Italian were the languages on Fresh Pond Road....

Tony C said...

Idaho has that many people?

Anonymous said...

you mean someone finally out bred the guineas?really?wow...wheres hispania? yall racist againt latinos much? well i ll take the mexicans over the a-rabs..