Monday, September 1, 2008

Tattooed bikers protecting city's animals

The first stop was Elmhurst, Queens, where a caller had reported that five pit bulls were caged in the back of a used-car lot.

Heaven’s Angels

The used-car lot around the corner at 76th Road and Queens Boulevard was the place they had come to investigate. The men approached from the back, across a sidewalk that was under construction. The workers stopped their jackhammers and stared as a half-dozen tattooed men followed a nervous woman wearing a floral blouse.

Several of the men climbed up a stack of concrete slabs to peer over a wall into the lot. In a large enclosure behind a chain-link fence, four pit bulls stared back at them, tails wagging, coats sleek and mouths wide open, like smiling crocodiles. As it turned out, they were not confined and in fact had ample space.


Anonymous said...

Can we enlist these same bikers to protect our borough's landmark worthy sites?

Wouldn't you just love to see 'em beat the crap out of Tommy Huang!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck Tommy Huang.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't fuck Tommy Huang with George W. Bush's dick!

I guess you'd surmise that I don't like old "Bushwhacker" very much.

And you're right!