Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scarano fills in the gap

So here's the before photo of the house at 61-23 65th Street in Middle Village. There seems to be a waste of space between the house and the garages known as a yard.
And here's the after shots. You'll notice that after many revisions, the final result that you see here doesn't seem to resemble what was applied for in the latest building permit.
Amanda Burden is dragging her heels on the rezoning of this area to allow more of this.


Anonymous said...

And the mainline preservation community stands mute while their alma mater at places like Pratt earn commmissions on prodevelpment study after study.

The smug bastards.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Another masterpiece from the hairpiece.

Inspired by his contempt for existing residents, his designs are the architectural equivilant of having warm dog shit thrown in your face.

italian girl said...

It looks like shoebox architecture to me. Where can I sign up to learn this craft?

Anonymous said...

Filling the gap
with some more of his crap!

You think he'd buy himself a more current hairpiece already.

Even "The Donald's"
dead Muskrat looks better!

Oh...I get it...
he can blame his ugly buildings on a having a bad hair day!

Anonymous said...

Even warm dog shit is a useful biodegradable fertilizer.

Scarano's shit is like
(with no prior warning) getting a rough finger shoved up your ass without the benefit of "KY Jelly" during a prostate exam!

NY-Zeitgeist said...

Nice! And on the same street as the crematory too!

Anonymous said...

when did building in the city become an association of dog related excraments. Does everyone in queens have their simple little blue collar minds that much on their pets?

I think if they owned this baby instead of renting down the street from the city they would all be in better spirits.

Anonymous said...

I would never want to own a giant pile of shit like this. I am not that greedy. Just need a roof over my head and enough to pay my mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Get with it you Archie BUM-ker.

Queens hasn't been a "blue collar" borough for 50 years!

You aging Stavisky type pol/hacks are way behind the times!

You're the real Archie BUM-ker throwbacks trying to pass off your old brand of politics as usual!

We, the younger crowd and wave of the future, are logged onto "Queens Crap" and we ain't buying your shit no more!

Anonymous said...

The Queens Democratic machine is the real racist here.

In a way they're far worse than the Republicans.

The Dem/clubhouse is more interested in keeping their voting block dumb and under their thumb, rather than offering them a real way out of their economic ghetto prisons!

So the Crowley Club keeps up its pandering to the masses, they secretly despise, so that the constituency has to continue begging them for handouts like habitual junkies!