Friday, September 5, 2008

Queens West still stinks

Residents say the smell has been a major problem since April. That's when a company called TRC started its latest phase of environmental cleanup up at the site. The land, which was home to the Pepsi bottling company, and a standard petroleum business before that, is being redeveloped into housing and a new school.

Local leaders say the dust and the fumes from the cleanup are unbearable at times, and it's a problem they say residents experienced years ago when TRC was cleaning up the southern portion of the site.

Queens West Residents Call For End To Stench

In response to NY1's calls, a spokesperson released the following statement:

"While the State Department of Health has not identified a significant air pollution health risk from this site, odors can be an offensive nuisance and must be prevented. Last week DEC instructed the project's consultant to make several changes to control odors at the site more efficiently. DEC also met with Assemblymember Catherine Nolan, Community Board Chair Joe Conley, and the project's technical consultant this morning, and it was decided to add more air monitoring sites in the community as an additional safeguard."


Anonymous said...

Rockrose's project sure ain't smellin' like a rose!

They should have left this site in let sleeping dogs lie.

Now they've broken ground into a petrol lagoon and it's spilling into the East River poisoning all forms of life ....yes....INCLUDING PEOPLE!

Pandora's box has been opened!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rockrose can cut a deal and offer discount coupons, redeemable at Sloane Kettering, to would be buyers.

Anonymous said...

Cancer? Who cares?

Build Baby Build!!!

(bunch of money hungry schmucks)