Friday, September 12, 2008

Queens parks vibrant and diverse!

New York City is known as a "melting pot" due to its diversity and the many cultures seen throughout the city. The borough of Queens is also a "melting pot" in its own right. Diversity can be seen every day in Queens' restaurants and malls but a sundry of culture and tradition can also be seen in Queens' parks and playgrounds. If you are lucky enough to travel through Queens and explore our parks, you will find recreation and cultural activities that will take you on a journey to different areas of the globe.

Let's now gawk at ethnic communities of Queens like we would species in a zoo and describe their behavior and diet:

We can start right over the 59th Street Bridge. Athens Square Park in Astoria is located in the heart of the Greek community. Athens Square Park has hosted various Greek inspired programming. Annually, Greek cultural organizations plan Greek festivals where you can eat gyros and baklava and relax as you listen to Greek musicians. You will also hear the sound of the Greek language as people sit in the modeled Greek amphitheater and watch traditional Greek dancing. "Opa!"

Great, where next?


Anonymous said...

Maybe that patronage job hack
Terri Osborne should organize
safaris to explore the colorful continent of Queens.

No big game hunters please!

But a bounty could be offered for Toby Stavisky's head, properly mounted of course (suitable for any gentleman's den) to be placed right next to his cape buffalo Jove!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when lazy reporters dont bother to get to know the community, but call the community board or boro hall everytime they have to venture out here.

Athens Sq is used by many ethnic groups - Italians, Bangaldeshis etc.

It is located in one of the most overdeveloped and ugly parts of Astoria - the traffic around it is a nightmare.

It is also one of the areas that gets the most complaints about noise - inappropiate to have loud concerts with no walls in a the middle of a densely populated area - punks - skateboarders at 1 AM, and dirty - you should see it after a Bangladeshi event.

Anonymous said...

I live across the street from Athens Square.

Everyone in our building are always calling 311 to complain about its noise.

You should see the rats running around after a typical event. We never had that before and no one seems to care.

Anonymous said...

They guys that run it are the same guys that tried to shut down Bohemian Hall over noise.

The real reason was the beer garden was compitition.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is panhandling.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Crapper really knows which button to push to get all the haters to unite!

Anonymous said...

Who's hating? Sounds like the Parks Department is by marginalizing park users by concentrating on their ethnicity.

BaHa said...

"a sundry of culture"? Someone needs to invest in a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

How many times can you use the word "Greek" in a paragraph?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Crapper really knows which button to push to get all the haters to unite!

Its not haters, we have complained and complained about this place and no one seems to care.

Now Crappy comes along and the people have a chance, finally. All my friends go on at least occasionaly and we do have fun talking about the posts.

Athens Sq? They should cut the funding for this - it is an inappropiate place for this - its too noisy and congested.

Anonymous said...

yes, a good use for a WATERFRONT park, but the Greeks in Astoria want to milk it for everthing it has.

Ever see a picture of Olympic Village in Athens or any pictures of Athens for that matter? Reminds me of Astoria. Maybe Crappy can post some so you can see what I mean.

A far cry from the tidy Germans that used to live here for generations.

A short step to the Vibrant! Bustling! Teaming!


Anonymous said...

I this a call for NYC to bring back the Northern/Western Europeans who, evidently, suit QC's Queens profile the best?

Queens Crapper said...

Why would you say that? The point of the post was to show how Queens ethnic groups are marginalized by the City based on their ethnicity. They are nothing more than tourist attractions for those who don't live here. Sad that you don't "get it" and have opted for the knee-jerk "racism" slant.

Anonymous said...

It's a fact that when Germans lived in Astoria, the place was clean. Go ahead - stick your head in the sand and pretend it's all great now.

Anonymous said...

And during the rest of the year, when there aren't any festivals, you can appreciate the aroma of human piss, and relax to the sounds of screaming crackheads and skate punks. Don't miss the traditional "Run from the Pervert" game that local children love to play!