Saturday, September 13, 2008

Perfect environment for bloodsuckers

Hey, perhaps you folks haven't heard about the West Nile problem we have here. Generally, we frown upon stagnant pools of water in the front yard in the borough of bedrooms... Don't make me call DOH. I see someone already called DOB on you and you haven't complied yet.


italian girl said...

This is such a disgrace!

I can't believe we're still dealing with the West Nile problem. I don't even want to go in my backyard anymore. I don't think I've ever been bitten so badly.
Are these mutant mosquitos?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Come-on! She didn't pave over her front yard and park her relatives off the book taxi's in there or throw loud parties until the wee hours. or put up an illegal sign business like some Queens residents do.

give her a break. she likes gold fish

CntrySigns said...

If it was a koi pond there would be a fountain to aerate (sp?) the water. Then it wouldn't be a stagnant patch of mosquito homes.