Friday, September 5, 2008

Pay your fare

NYC transit scheme to end bus freeloading

NEW YORK - New York City transit officials want to put a stop to bus freeloaders.

Transit officials say data they collected shows about 130,000 riders boarding buses without paying. That means the public transportation system could be losing out on millions of dollars, money it could use to shore up its sagging budget.

NYC Transit Vice President Joseph Smith says the agency has identified the worst routes and bus stops. But it still has yet to implement a plan to stop farebeating.

Fare evaders often get on buses by entering rear doors opened by exiting passengers. Drivers are told not to stop the freeloaders to avoid getting assaulted.

Transit officials say the worst routes for "theft of service" are in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Does this include women with 3 or 4 school-age kids in tow who think they are entitled to free rides for them and the drivers who acquiesce? I see this happen all the time.


Anonymous said...

what's the big dilemma with the morons at the MTA ?
ALL will enter and exit via the front door,back door's re-equipped to remain locked ,opens only in an emergency or if it's still an older bus,lock the front door/open the rear for wheelchairs-

how many EXIT from the front anyway ?

Anonymous said...

When a ghetto/sow and her four unruly brats confront a bus driver, how the hell is he to know if she's off her Methadone and might go ballistic at any moment.

So he lets her beat the fare rather than cause a danger to himself and passengers.

No problem....probably the wisest choice.

If the Bronx and Brooklyn bus routes stink, move to Queens!

You CAN'T lock a rear exit.
It's dangerous!

Leeisfree said...

I wonder if they'll have undercover officers busting fare skippers with fines...fines that will probably go unpaid if there is no serious penalty like an arrest for not paying.

My gripe is with the seniors who think they deserve to skip everyone in line just because they were born many years before the rest of us. They skip the first person if they leave a gap of two feet and don't even smile or thank them for letting them skip...

chances are that people will give up their seat for you granny! No need to be rude about it.

Anonymous said...

This is funny that the MTA is gonna do something, next up the city wipes out topless bars, and no more hookers in queens!

Wade Nichols said...

Transit officials say the worst routes for "theft of service" are in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Hmmm....I wonder what the demographics of the majority of those "fare evaders" is? What possible characteristic could they have in common?

I wonder if the MTA would be willing to do a study on these "fare evaders"? What would that study indicate?

What would Obama think?

Anonymous said...

What's Obama got to do with it Wade,
you old Archie BUM-ker?

Wade Nichols said...

What's Obama got to do with it Wade,
you old Archie BUM-ker?

My metaphors are much too obtuse for low IQ, left half of the Bell Curve, low life losers such as yourself. Why should I even bother with jerks like you?

Next time I see you at the gas station, can you make sure that you don't leave any streaks on the windshield of my Porsche when I ask you to clean it? Thank you! Have a nice day!