Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mets will hold onto their apple

The Shea Stadium apple won't be rotting on some big-buck bidder's lawn. It's heading to Citi Field, The Post has learned.

Even as the Mets put a price tag on everything from napkin holders to lockers and even dugouts in the soon-to-be-demolished ballpark, the firm handling those sales says the iconic fiberglass fruit will live on.

"The old apple will have a home at the new stadium," MeiGray Vintage Director Stu Oxenhorn said - though a new apple will also be installed there.

Also deemed too sacred to sell is the city skyline beyond the outfield wall.



Anonymous said...

Oh jeez! Forget the Apple already! What is it with this thing? The thing got installed as part of 1980's horribly mis-named THE MAGIC IS BACK campaign. Where was the magic? In Richie Hebner's grave digging shovel? I don't understand what the fascination is with it. It belongs in Nellie Bly in Brooklyn.

The only thing worth bringing to CitiField(R) is the original scoreboard, once the biggest in the majors. It was great having one place where you can get the score, the lineups and out of town scores, instead of waiting for one huge digital board to flash all that info. When you looked at your Topps baseball card and you saw that thing looming in the background, you knew instantly where the pic was taken...kinda like the big courthouse behind Yankee Stadium or the frieze on the old version of the stadium. For the toilet bowl that was Shea, the scoreboard (and the wonderful pop art blue and orange steel panels) were the only things worth looking at. Certainly the team wasn't for too many years.

Liman said...

Anonymous! You must be a lifer Met fan, too. Right you are! The Apple started out as an embarassment, and got worse with age. It's not even good enough to be tacky. It's just dopey.

But the scoreboard is the best in the majors. I'm going in for a couple more games, and will try to capture as much of it as I can on film. Yes, FILM.

Meanwhile, the new TV show next year will be "Who Wants to Be Able to Afford Met Tickets?"