Sunday, September 7, 2008

Machine challenges upstart opponents to death

With Tuesday's Democratic primary just days away, Assembly candidate Donovan Richards expected to spend this week campaigning for votes.

Instead, he spent the better part of two days in a Queens courtroom while a judge, lawyers for the Queens Democratic Party and Richards' lawyer pored over thick bundles of petitions.

Democrat upstart candidate Donovan Richards awaits primary ruling

Richards is one of several candidates whose petitions were challenged by party leaders, claiming irregularities and fraud.

"I have learned so much more about the system," said Richards, who wants to challenge party-backed incumbent Assemblywoman Michelle Titus.

"A lot of these people who I am battling in the Queens Democratic Party forgot about the principles of democracy," said Richards, who works for Councilman James Sanders.

Queens party leaders have traditionally used their considerable legal muscle to challenge petitions of insurgent candidates.

Opponents claim the legal maneuvers by incumbents and the party make it almost impossible to mount a challenge.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the shenanigans of the Democratic Dictatorship of Queens!

Seig heil!

Is its mascot Toby S. off the bowl and available for comment?

Anonymous said...

Grow up! This is the game. To any candidate that contemplates running for any office, you must be capable of effectively defending your petitions. Don't run until you can. It is that simple. Think of it in economics. The machine is not going to allow someone from the outside to occupy an elected position that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for themselves and their cronies. Politics is a business.

Anonymous said...

I've personally been present
when Stavisky & son and some of their machine cohorts were combing through their opponents' petitions
for irregularities.

What a low life motley crew they are!

And to think you voters bear the responsibility for putting Toby's likes in office.

Maybe voting literacy tests weren't such a bad idea after all.

Perhaps a large sign (like Brooklyn's) reading,
"Welcome to Queens, the borough of the brain dead" should greet those who've crossed over the 59th Street bridge !

Anonymous said...

Grow up! This is the game.

Umm. this our country and our taxes and our community, you @#$$%*#$^& party hack.

Its not friggen game with my family's future.

Thanks Crappy. You are doing wonders to expose those yos running Queens.

All my friends read this and we talk about what goes on this board.

Oh yes, Mr Party Hack, we live in Queens - and vote here too.

Anonymous said...

Why would you call me a party hack?
This is the reality, you can't vote for someone if they are not on the ballot and they can't get on the ballot if they can't defend their petitions. So all we get are the same recycled politicians and real party hacks over and over again.Unless you can suggest another way I believe I am correct.

Anonymous said...

Today is Primary Day: vote for Baldeo or Schwartz

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be tough to unseat Toby her seat alone weighs over a hundred pounds!

She should be required by law to place a "wide load" sign on her ass or face a fine just like any other mother trucker!