Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's stick granny in a brownfield

Change the name of the neighborhood to Willets Point or Long Island City and this could be the story of a Queens "affordable housing" development instead of one in Brooklyn.


miles mullin said...

This is an excellent short for in four plus minutes it uncovers the two biggest problems in preservation:

1. the role of Pratt and similiar institutions. Instead of studying the real problems facing New Yorkers - the deterioration of our communities from hollowing out and overdevelopment, they put lipstick on the pig of overdevelopment.

2. the silence of Muncipal Art Society and other organizations in preservation on the evils of plans like this. They focus instead, on trying to live with development.

Our problems are with them. Its not the developers. Its not Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Very clever. Seniors are prone to get cancers and all sorts of nasty stuff.

Very clever.

You will never know if its the location.

Anonymous said...

"Grandma got run over
by a "brown field" (not a reindeer)!

Who's gonna live in Muss' brown field
"Sky View Parc"?