Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey - Jamaica stinks, too!

Jamaica residents say an abandoned lot has become a dumpster, carrying the stench of death.

"It's just this rotting carcass and you inhale and it just stays in your nostrils and it's like you taste it," said resident Preya Persaud.

Jamaica Residents Fed Up With Overwhelming Stench

Bags full of garbage, old dirty mattresses, and furniture are some of the items being dumped in back of this vacant house on 140th Street.

"Everybody just comes and dumps their crap here and we are paying the price for it because we can't utilize the backyard," said Persaud. "We can't do anything."

"Everybody wants to throw something when nobody can see them," said Jamaica resident Nfn Adimulloo. "They just stop and dump it here. It's become a nuisance."

Residents also believe the trash has become a fire hazard and they are concerned that the house, which has been vacant for more than a year, could attract squatters.

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Anonymous said...

This is inexcuable.

Yet another example of Queens going down the tubes.

Thank you clubhouse!