Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interesting political matchups in Flushing

You gotta love it...Flushing has two interesting races this year, both involving the "old guard vs. the new guard" but in different ways. Young vs. Meng - Incumbent with an accent who not too long ago represented "change" is now challenged by an opponent who wants to represent the "next generation" which is more Americanized.

Then there's Toby vs. Peter. The wife of a dead senator who basically has never had to run in a competitive campaign - now must try to win the votes of Asians while running against a Korean-American.

Very interesting races. And that's how it should always be.
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Anonymous said...

" Koo told the Daily News. "I can get more resources for the Asian community here."

I guess that leaves the district's non-Asian constituency, which includes caucasians, blacks, latinos, Indians and the rest of that very large melting pot with nothing. It should be explained to Koo that an elected official is suppose to represent everyone.

AngryTaxpayer said...

God forbid he panders to non-Asians. But the good news for Koo: for every apartment are at least 10 beds in them that his political base sleeps in.

Anonymous said...

I think we should lease Flushing to the Asians just like China did with Hong Kong for the Brits!

Everyone else is moving out of that cesspool anyway!

Let 'em have it!

What a pleasure it is to bypass F-Liu-xhing on the LIRR headed east
to more civilized environs.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked the stats, the Latino and Asian population are about neck in neck....with Asians having the edge.

Habla Espanol all of you Asian candidates?

We know that Toby already speaks with a forked tongue but that doesn't mean she's bilingual.

Anonymous said...

Anything would be better than another Stavisky term!!!

Anonymous said...

Well those are your choices:

Serve the needs of the clubhouse
Serve the needs of the Asians.

georgetheatheist said...

Hang-dog looking Barry Grodenchik still can't figure out why he lost.

Anonymous said...

Toby, you lost my vote because of your son. He and his disgraceful employer have lobbyied for projects that the polar opposite of what this boro needs. Anyone who associates with him or his firm should be voted out, period.

I'll take my chances with Koo.

Anonymous said...

I'll take my chances with Koo.

Me too!
(poetic justice)

Anonymous said...

All these comments about Flushing just crack me up.

Reminds me of the Yogi Berra quote about a popular restaurant, "Nobody goes there anymore, it's always crowded."

Flushing is frankly a better place because of all the rift-raff moving out.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's flocking to Flushing.

Those crowds are just commuters passing through an inter modal transportation hub.

F-Liu-xhing is a point of departure not a destination of choice...Myra Baird Herce & Co.

It's only your 3rd world "riff-raff" that's remains behind because they HAVE LITTLE CHOICE!