Friday, September 5, 2008

Here comes Hanna

From Gothamist:

If Hanna continues on the predicted path, the city could be in for lots of rain and wind tomorrow and tomorrow night. The storm is expected to come ashore this evening near the border of the Carolinas. As it moves inland Hanna will get caught in the strong southerly flow of air that's making today so warm and sticky. Once in that flow the storm is will zoom up the coast, passing just east of the city late Saturday night. Should that prediction pan out 3-6 inches of rain, more in some locations, could fall over the city. To that end a flood watch has been issued for southeastern New York, southern Connecticut and eastern New Jersey. Winds will pick up to a steady 20-30 miles an hour tomorrow evening and thunderstorms are possible as Hanna passes through the area.

Hanna Headed Our Way

You may want to have this handy. Check for updates here.


italian girl said...

"You may want to have this handy."

Good luck to anyone with that one.

When a nasty storm blew my (city)maple tree into the front of my house causing $25,000 in damage, the city didn't want to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Batton down the crap!

A Better NYC said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but NYC hasn't had a decent hurricane threat since Gloria back in the early '80's...right...?

-Joe said...

Im in Mattituck been at the beach/snorkeling all day.
The water in the Peconic Bay must be 85-90 VERY warm for this time of year.

4 PM the bay is pretty quite, light wind out of the south.

Gonna be something when all them crap building's fall apart or flood

-Joe said...

Watching the news.
Why are they blasting the Empire State Building in a pale piss yellow tonight ?


italian girl said...

I think it's for the U.S. Open.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Crowley and Katz are up to their elbows in shit while trying to pump out their flooded basements this morning just like when the last time it rained heavily!

Ah the benefits
of over development for these proponents of the same hit home!

Sewer water
does seek its own level and how very appropriate it is!