Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helen will turn Unisphere's fountains on

Grand fountains that regularly shot H2O around Queens' unofficial symbol - until water flow leaked into a nearby museum in recent years - will be back on for good by late next summer, city officials said.

Workers will fix pipes beneath the stainless steel sphere early next spring to prevent flooding into the Queens Museum of Art and restore the misty mystique of the 1964 World's Fair icon.

Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski heralded the $1 million project - funded by Borough President Helen Marshall - as a "major reinvestment" in the park's core.

Work will repair fountains around Unisphere at Flushing Meadows

Hey, it only took Helen and Dottie 7 years to realize that this situation was unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's about time and tear down the NYS Pavillion already - what an eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of our borough's
more recent arrivals will use it
to rinse off their toddlers
after the tots have completed
a successful BM !

Anonymous said...

How about RESTORING the NYS Pavilion
you ignorant Philistine? !!!

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and wash your feet...
the board of health's across the street!

Just tip toe through the fountain!

Anonymous said...

What a nifty place for
developers to launder their money before they pass it along
through boro hall
into its final destination...
the pockets of our local pols!

Whoever said that this kind of money need be dirty?

Anonymous said...

Didn't know that Helen
needed to douche quite that bad!

Anonymous said...

Great, while they're are at it, how about the pools that lead up to the Unisphere, on the Fountain Of The Planet's side? And how about the Fountain of the Planets? It's about time to clean that cesspool up. If they are worried about people making these things their own swimming pools, how about having a park ranger do a walk-around every once in a while and enforce -no bathing- laws? that should deter

Anonymous said...

Put some Crocodiles in those pools to keep "the locals" from pissing or dumping "Pampers" and empty "cerveza" cans into them and I'll go for it!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's not (I hate to say it) the Parks Department's fault.

Some conditions in the park are
a reflection of the low class element that uses it!

faster340 said...

"Maybe some of our borough's
more recent arrivals will use it
to rinse off their toddlers
after the tots have completed
a successful BM !"

You got that right! They do it at Atlas Park...

Anonymous said...

A Waaaaah ?
The pump room and all that was compleated for the US open.

....There are 2 pumps in a below ground room (East of the QM)BTW. AND .....The pump room is not near the QM.
The plumbing is visable from Google earth !!!

During the 1964 World Fair these pumps would operate single or double depending on the wind speed so not to overspray the aprin.


Anonymous said...

"Fountain Of The Planet's "

Is that where Benepe puts his dinghy in on select times to make press statements and reports for Bloomie ?

5 minutes before and after slack tide garbage flows like the Niagra river throught the pass pipe (south)