Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He learned his lesson the hard way

A man who tried to help a locked-out relative get back into her Queens apartment lowered himself off the roof of a six-story building yesterday to get inside - but spent more than an hour dangling on a window ledge, cops said.

The wannabe hero, who was not identified, used a rope to scale down the outside of the building at 88-73 193rd St. to get in through a sixth-floor window. Finding the window locked and unable to pull himself back up, the man had to wait for rescue.



Anonymous said...

Love the slippers he wears - perfect for this job. What happened to his training jumping fences aquired earlier in his arrival for residency period? Ah - they don't keep up those skills once here - no need to run or hide only save others from locked doors!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm when I lock myself out, my license works wonders... lol

Wade Nichols said...

I nominate this "unidentified" schmuck from Hollis for a 2008 Darwin Award!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should
go to work for the "Queens Ledge"!

Wadda ya say Walter?

He sure looks like
he's the kind of guy who'd go
out of his way to cook up
the kind of crap you try to
pass off as news!

Anonymous said...

Love the slippers he wears - perfect for this job.

Reminds me of all those guys walking around dressed like they just got up in the middle of the winter, or their wives covered head to toe in July.

No wonder they are angry. Any outreach programs to help them acclimate?

Anonymous said...

can't be nominated for the darwins - you have to remove yourself from the gene pool - either by dying, or rendering yourself sterile

Anonymous said...


they cant even give change back properly (dont you luv when they balance everything neatly with the coins on top?) but one thing they can do

is have kids.

Anonymous said...

Its called Anchor Babies.

panzer65 said...

This is better known as a "Third World Locksmith".