Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hairpiece vents on Wikipedia

From Curbed:

Remember the Wikiwar fought by opponents of controversial Brooklyn architect Robert Scarano that some people believed may have involved the architect himself? It went on for a while with pro-Scarano language being replaced by anti-Scarano language and vice versa. Well, it's back.

Wikiwar II: Scarano Wiki Battle Erupts Again can draw one's own conclusions by the intensely pro-Scarano tone, calling administrative charges against him from DOB "false and completely unfounded" and that losing his ability to file documents with DOB "would be a welcome releif from dealing with their continued stupidity" even if it put him out of business "until another poor victum is found that can take on the world as he has."


Anonymous said...

When is this bald headed cover up, finocchio (Italian slang for "homo") don's nephew going to find himself a decent boyfriend so he could keep an eye on another erection instead of
watching his own ugly buildings rise!

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