Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flushing Assembly seat turnover good or bad?

Many in Flushing, a center of Asian-American political life in New York City, are now asking whether the residents there are hurt by the revolving-door representation in the Assembly.

Queens Assembly Seat Is Like Musical Chairs

But many civic leaders say the turnover in the 22nd Assembly District is a reflection of the maturing of the Asian-American political community. As more Asian-American residents became more politically active, they are apt to follow a pattern of politics that has often emerged in New York City’s history: Factions emerge and vie for a foothold, then compete for that turf. And elected officials often seek to pass their political legacies to their children.

And many in this community say Flushing is no different.

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Anonymous said...

Turnover my ass!

The KKK...Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks still control this turf!

It's just the finger puppet/pols
that change!

The KKK is about to remove their index finger from John Liu's ass
only because of term limits,
otherwise it'd still be up there!