Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doorman a veteran tweeder

You know what, Eric, you were kinda funny before with your plastic smile and fake passion for the issues of the downtrodden, but you're really getting on my nerves now.

Politician: Returning troops deserve first shot at jobs

"By virtue of their service and their sacrifice for their country, these veterans deserve a helping hand," said City Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Queens), calling on city agencies to set aside or create full-time jobs for vets.

Programs that set aside jobs for specific groups of people have been struck down as unconstitutional by federal courts...

So you are already aware that this can't be done legally, but it sounds good for you to say it on TV, right? Hey Doorman: We've been at war in Afghanistan since October 2001, before you even took office. You just identified this as an issue now, and only after you got bored complaining about Darfur and food stamps?

"We literally have soldiers returning who have led people into battle," Gioia said. "They're incredibly heroic, but they've never worn a suit to work. That's the transition they need."

If lack of a suit is the problem, then give 'em yours, since it's empty. Have you solved even one constituent problem in all these years? My friends in Sunnyside say no.

Photo from the Observer.


Miles Mullin said...

The machine did not assign Sunnyside or Hunters Point to him.

His job is to make the folks at Queensbridge happy with all the development that is about to make their area even more miserable with noise, traffic, and walling off access on the river.

And, being the messenger boy he is, he aces his job as he awaits his new assignment from the clubhouse on the next rung up the ladder.

Ergo, his rather odd interest in things like banks and hunger while a major portion of his district is ignored, trashed, and displaced.

That is what happens when you live in a one party state, folks.

Everyone around you is making money and building their resume off you, and using your tax money not for services or satisfying your needs, but their interests.

As the robber barons sneared at the public 100 years ago,'What are you going to do about it?'

Anonymous said...

The doormans wife run the Esler Group with does fund raising for friends of Parkside and other machine candidate.

Gioia wife get money from developers and other special interests. I sure that why Eric has 1.2 million in his campaign war chest. Lets see an editorial on this daily news

Anonymous said...

Its a sad statement that Gioia actually believes that people can't see through this phoney grandstanding.

Eric, how stupid do you think we are? Its not legal to do this, so stop using soldier's needs to promote yourself.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when I spent a summer in Spain when I was 12 (quite a while ago). There was men in very low-level civil service type jobs (like the five-peseta man who collected 5 pesetas for parking by the beach)> they were veterans of some war and generally had a limb missing and got these jobs. Is that what Goia has in mind?

Why don't we just make sure they have the best health care and the services they need to get back to civilian life, maybe education, stuff that would be legal to do for them.

Chris said...

I think it's a great idea to dilute the civil service with "reserved class" quotas, and deny those with any inkling of talent a chance at administering our city. That way, we can have more paper-pushers and rubber-stampers 'just doin' their job,' as they file that self-cert set of plans at DOB straight into the circular file. Thanks Eric!

Anonymous said...

why does the moderator of this blof refer to him as 'doorman'?

also, it seems like she's developing a crush on councilman gioia.

Queens Crapper said...

In his campaign literature, Eric loves to highlight the fact that he worked as a doorman because he thinks it makes him look like he can identify with the common man.

What's a blof?