Saturday, September 6, 2008

Council approves Laurelton rezoning

The City Council Thursday unanimously approved the rezoning of 220 blocks in Laurelton.

City Council OKs rezoning plan for Laurelton

Under the new zoning standards, many parts of the neighborhood will change from an R2 designation, which does not set a maximum height for buildings, to a R2A designation, which sets the maximum height at 35 feet. Other parts of the area will change from R3-2, which allowed all types of houses, to either R3A or R3X, which allow only detached one- and two-family houses.

In addition to the residential changes, the rezoning plan has redesignated land on Merrick Boulevard between 226th Street and Springfield Boulevard. The area was formally a C8-1 designation, which permitted automotive commercial uses, but now be a R5D zone, which permits all housing types.


Anonymous said...

what about flushing?

Anonymous said...

Councilman James Sanders finally showed up and voted on the rezoning! This Councilman has Not done anything to help the Laurelton community with the rezoning efforts or any effort!They fought him tooth and nail for him to come on board! Mr. Paul Graziano,The Concerned Citizens of Laurelton , the 224/225th Street Civic and the Federated Blocks of Laurelton worked to get this moving over 6 years ago however, he has been in bed with developers for years and now that his wife is running for office ( Andrea Duncan and his chief of staff Michael Duncan) He wants to support it! I think he needs to finish the rezoning work in Rosedale and the rest of his disstrict!