Sunday, September 14, 2008

Contractor and employee arrested for lying

Malik Hussain was quick to assign blame on Thursday when one of his construction workers, Miguel Rodriguez, fell to his death from a scaffold at a six-story building in Harlem.

2 Arrested After Death at Work Site in Harlem

Mr. Hussain, 26, told investigators that Mr. Rodriguez, 38, who was patching the building’s facade, broke at least two safety regulations — and he insisted that a licensed foreman had been present at the site, overseeing the work the entire time.

But on Friday, city investigators turned the tables on Mr. Hussain. They charged that immediately after the accident, Mr. Hussain lied to the authorities when he said that a certified foreman had been present. They said that he even went as far as to force an unlicensed employee to pose as one.

Mr. Hussain and the uncertified employee, Jinal Patel, were arrested on Friday and charged with impersonation in the second degree, a misdemeanor that carries up to one year of jail time, the city’s Department of Investigation said.

As a result of the arrests, the authorities said, the Buildings Department is suspending work at 28 other sites across the city where Mr. Hussain’s company, Classic Painting and Restoration of Brooklyn, was working.


Anonymous said...

A Certified Foreman - Certified by who...and Certified to do what? Sounds bogus to me unless they are using the wrong terminology.

Anonymous said...

That photo reminds me of one of the best photos of 2007, that pervert grandmother molester, ex-councltrash Dennis Gallagher in handcuffs.

How sweet it was!