Monday, September 1, 2008

Chapter in history of historic preservation

The idea of giving preservation legal weight was evolving in the late 1950s. In 1956, the State Legislature passed the Bard Law, which allowed municipalities to designate landmarks and historic districts. But it was not until 1965 that Mayor Robert F. Wagner established the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.

‘Moonstruck’ House Sells, Recalling Fight for Preservation

“The landscape of the city was quickly changing, and whole swaths of neighborhoods were being destroyed, due largely to plans put forth by public works commissioner Robert Moses,” said Kate Fermoile, the vice president for exhibits and education at the Brooklyn Historical Society. “One of these plans was the Cadman Plaza urban renewal project, a large-scale civic center that meant the destruction of houses in Brooklyn Heights. In response to the mounting threat, this amazing grass-roots effort began.”

The Historic Preservation Committee’s goal was to win legal preservation status for the neighborhood while trying to defend the area from redevelopment.


italian girl said...

Moonstruck - one of the best movies ever!

Hopefully the new owners don't alter the house too much. It's so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Queensmark?

Anonymous said...

This is Brooklyn, where they have real programs for adults. They dont' mess around with bullcrap for jerks.

If you want one of those tin badges that say 'Special Police' buy a box of kid's cereal.

georgetheatheist said...

Man, I just love blue stone pavers!

(They were great to write chalk on when I wuz a kid. A blackboard in the sidewalk. Ah, New York of olden days.)

Anonymous said...

One of the best movies ever?

Italian girl, get out of mom's basement now and then, ok?

italian girl said...

You've got your best movies and I've got mine.

No need to be nasty.

Anonymous said...

So what's Queens Hysterical Society
preserved recently?

I guess that tours and talks by
the likes of Dr. Jack(ass) etc. will have to do in lieu of taking any real positive action that might jeopardize fund raising or insult borough hall.

Anonymous said...

italian girl, I'm sorry, it was a cheap shot. It's just that when I hear Cher and that atrociously IN-authentic Brooklyn accent, then remember the Academy actually gave her an Oscar, I cringe. No offense to you. I was an a** to post what I did.

italian girl said...

Oh my God. You are SO right about her accent. It was annoying. I wasn't referring to her acting. I loved Moonstruck because it was such a New York or I should say Brooklyn movie. Some of the scenes they shot in Manhattan and Brooklyn were incredible. The opera music was so beautiful - I think from the opera "La Boheme". The storyline was adorable and of course the movie had an Italian-American flavor to it. Who wouldn't love it? Another 2 movies I loved from the 80's are Die Hard and Fatal Attraction.

Thanks for your apology.:)