Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beer and butts found at Deutsche site

A year after the deadly Deutsche Bank inferno - sparked by a tossed cigarette - inspectors have found evidence that workers are smoking and drinking inside the troubled tower.

"It is shameful that they would be smoking there. It is a shameful act," FDNY spokesman Jim Long said. "We will take the necessary actions to prevent any further incident."

Deutsche disgrace: Butts, beer found despite fire regulations

On Aug. 26, an inspector for subcontractor Site Safety Inc. found two empty Newport packs and Budweiser cans in a third-floor bathroom. How they got there - where smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited - remains an open question. There are more than 400 workers and about 20 security guards on site daily.

The LMDC and contractors alerted the city, and last Thursday Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta ordered the fire marshals to investigate Aug. 28.

Skyler was kept up to date as the marshals did a sweep of the building and on Aug. 29 began interviewing hundreds of workers, sources said.

An FDNY source said marshals also found cigarette butts, empty packs and beer cans on other floors in the tower.

The tower was badly damaged in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and since then has undergone a drawn-out demolition.

The demolition was stopped after last year's fire but resumed a few months ago. Workers must clean out the dust created during the Trade Center collapse before final demolition can begin.

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