Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Astroland may open again

One day after Coney Island's famous Astroland closed for good, city officials Monday floated a plan to resuscitate the historic amusement park.

Despite little interest from Astroland owners and landlord Thor Equities, city officials are pushing the two sides to agree on an interim deal to keep the park open.

Sources said the city then hopes to find a different spot for the beloved park as part of an ambitious plan to redevelop Coney Island.

Astroland gets shot at second life as officials push to keep park open


CntrySigns said...

Why move Astroland somewhere else and re-develop Coney Island? Why not keep it where it is and re-develop where ever you were going to move to.

A Better NYC said...


That's a valid question...and here's the answer.