Saturday, September 6, 2008

And we thought Queens was bad...

A three-way contest for an obscure judgeship in Tuesday's primary election has sparked a major rift among Bronx Democratic leaders, one that could signal the end of party boss Jose Rivera's eight-year reign.

Six of the borough's 11 assembly members, dubbed the Rainbow Rebels, have launched an unprecedented uprising. They have refused to go along with the official party endorsement of lawyer Maria Matos for a Civil Court post.

They are backing another candidate, Elizabeth Taylor; a third candidate, law clerk Verena Powell, is also running.

If the rebels win, they may try to unseat Rivera as party chief.

LOTS more to this story, folks.

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Miles Mullin said...

The machine, in various frachises, controls the entire city.

The established preservation community has cut a deal that they will not make waves if their little enclaves are protected.

The rest of us are left to rot.

Organize preservationists! Learn about the issues! Discuss the issues! Organize across neighborhood and boro!