Friday, December 7, 2007

Water and cash flows

Water customers in New York City got a break yesterday when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Christine Quinn, the City Council speaker, announced an agreement that would allow the city to forgo a midyear water rate increase that could have been as high as 18 percent.

City Keeping Water Rate From Rising

Under the agreement, the Department of Environmental Protection, which runs the city’s water system, will be given authority for the first time to initiate lien sales on multifamily residential properties that fall substantially behind on water bill payments.

Single-family homes will be excluded from lien sales, although they will be subject to service shut-offs.


Anonymous said...

If you take your liquor "neat" like "Pinky"....
you wouldn't have to worry about an increase
in the cost of a "chaser" to wash it down!

Oh well....that's water under the bridge now.

Anonymous said...

Add another million people, have a year with less than average rainfall, and the water shortage will be real.