Friday, December 7, 2007

Another ride on the gravy train

While current city council members scramble to find their next meal ticket, it’s possible that some familiar names may find their way back onto the ballots.

Former Council Members Weighing Comeback Bids

One busy former council member is Mike Abel, who currently works for the Department of Housing Preservation. Abel was unwilling to commit to the prospect of re-running for his seat in Northeast Queens, but admitted that the topic had been on his mind.

Rumors have swirled around the Borough President’s Office as well, as former Forest Hills councilwoman and current Deputy Borough President Karen Koslowitz is believed to be coveting her old city seat.

In Flushing, though talk in the community may have established the possibility of a crowded field, octogenarian and former councilwoman Julia Harrison insists “I have not closed any doors and I’m in good health, of sound mind, and reserve the right to make my determination after the holiday.”

Another former council member who appears determined to serve is Tom Ognibene, the former Republican councilman from Middle Village. Ognibene said he was “going down this week or next week to the campaign office to file my intention and my campaign committee,” as a way of announcing his intention to take back his seat once term limits bounce his one-time protege, Dennis Gallagher, out of office.


Anonymous said...

It seems that retread loser POLS are jumping back onto the lucrative merry-go-round of city elective offices. Don't let it happen!

verdi said...

These politicos are like poison ivy.

They look like they're gone only to sprout up again !

Unless they're pulled out.....down to the roots.....
your yard will soon be full of them in short time
(and full of their crap too) !

No.....we're not suggesting.....a "rub out".

Anonymous said...

These guys and gals
have to ricochet back to politics.

It's the only unskilled high paying job around
that they're willing to take.

You won't find them on a street corner
looking for a "shape-up" job.

They're far too lazy to put in a long day
of good honest hard work!
(It's much easier tweeding the dumb electorate)!

Without the existence of the ole clubhouse....
these kind of scum are unemployable !

Taxpayer said...

Tom Ognibene: No, Tom. Term Limits will have nothing to do with "Bouncing" the indicted elf out of office.

A jury will beat that law to the punch.

Then, the only "bouncing" will be the elf giving romantic satisfaction to his new spouse: Bubba.

But, you already knew that. You know all about the elf's perversions.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Ognibiene again. In a heartbeat. The man was an outstanding councilman.

georgetheatheist said...

I want to run for council. What's the very first step?

Alan said...

I would welcome Julia Harrison back in a flash! I only hope that she could repair the damage done by John Liu.

Anonymous said...

Bob Holden for City Council!

Anonymous said...

A fresh start - get a guy like Bill Holden - no nonsense - loud voice for us forgotten hard working middle folks.

Anonymous said...

get a guy like Bill Holden

Ummm, Bill Holden, Hollywoods "Golden Boy" from the 1950's era passed away in 1981...I know our representation seems brain dead but do we really have to elect dead guys not even buried in St. John's cemetary?

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the brain dead tired seceond stringers that have been running this borough for the past 60 years.

I would call for a grass roots effort to organize this borough, but then I think of the Queens Civic Congress would be the result, filled with brain dead tired second stringers ....

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about QCC - similiar to that Jackson Heights group - if the mayor says 'let's put another million people in the city' instead of thinking about how stupid this is, they all sit down and figure out how to help him do it.

The only difference between the eastern and western part of the borough: the eastern groups think by downzoning they are pushing development into the western part of the borough (not realizing that they only delaying the inevitable for a few years), and the western groups look at their community and figure out where they can accomodate the extra people.

Losers. Stupid losers.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Forest Hills, and I'd like to see Michael Pearlman run. He supports preservation, he's young, and it sure as hell beats having Koslowitz back in office. We need fresh new faces.

Mike, if you're reading this, start collecting signatures, and be sure to get plenty, because the clubhouse will challenge them.

Anonymous said...

Kick those bums out for good....
into the gutter where they belong.


Let their new full time jobs be dancing for pennies
on the sidewalks of New York.

I don't mind tossing a down-and-out politico
a few coins now and then!