Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tolls on East River crossings considered

The chairman of the state commission studying ways to reduce traffic in Manhattan is increasingly pushing a measure certain to prompt opposition in the rest of the city: charging tolls on the four East River Bridges.

Traffic Panel Keeps East River Bridge Tolls on Table

The commission, created by the State Legislature, must recommend a plan by January to reduce traffic and raise revenue for transportation projects. The plan would then need approval from the City Council and state lawmakers.

Tolls on the bridges would most likely be presented as part of a scaled-back version of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s original congestion pricing plan.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Graynor abolishment of East river tolls should be maintained as a symbolic gesture that at the time created growth of industry in Queens and today gives individuals residents from Brooklyn & Queens the means to access to Manhattan as is their right as NYC residents. The majority of motorist using this access today are Long Island and even NJ residents via the outerbridge crossings. Watch congestion go down or revenues go up if wireless tolls at the Queens/Nassau borders on the LIE, GCP and the Belt is established. LI is the biggest culprit of clogging and poluting our neighborhoods & streets not Queens or other city residents.

Michael said...

Fine, impose the charge. But please make sure 100% of the income go's to mass transit improvements from the outer boroughs to Manhattan. there is no reason why my 7 mile commute should take nearly an hour during rush hour and up to 2 hours at night. Maybe if the transit system worked more efficiently people might drive into Manhattan a lot less often. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

NYC has painted itself into a corner
through its continued ADDICTION
to over development as the ultimate solution
to all of its woes.

"We've got to keep on building so we can keep
our city viable, competitive and marketable
to the rest of the world". Yadda, yadda....yawn!

So our municipal government is hell bent
on solving the problems directly caused by overbuilding by allowing even more building.

This is a DRUG ADDICT'S form of logic.....
the drunkards spiral into the abyss.

So we're now being sold a bill of goods
that will deny passage
over our free East River crossings
(unless willing to part with hefty tolls)
to those who depend upon these
for their livelihoods!

NYC has been
mortally wounded by over development....
which is the root cause of traffic congestion.
Simply applying a band aid, at this late date,
will not work for very long.

this city from its DEPENDENCE on over building.

I doubt that many city council members
will support a development slow down.....
as it will put a crimp in their revenue stream
come election time.

That would amount to political suicide.
Politicians need developers' money

Try limiting all this over development
until the proper infrastructure can be provided
to keep up the pace (if it can).

That means rebuilding and building NEW
public transportation before the choke hold
that the real estate/development industry
has on NYC squeezes the last breath from it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon #3. You took the words right out of my mouth. How can we reduce congestion when they (Bloomberg and cronies) are constantly building and bringing more people into this city by the THOUSANDS?

Are they really that stupid? Or is it that they think we are?

georgetheatheist said...

The want to charge "What the traffic can bear."

BTW Does anyone know where I can buy a top hat like the one Mayor Gaynor is wearing?. Now that's a men's head-gear fashion statement that needs to come back. I'm sick of baseball caps.

Anonymous said...

The toll money will never go where it is supposed to go. It will bring on pollution and more congestion. This is so unfair. Both ideas, congestive pricing and putting tolls on the bridges are both bad ideas.

Bring back the commuter tax.

When are you leaving office Mayor Bloomberg? I can't wait!

verdi said...

Remember......Robert Moses set up
the Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority.

Anybody want to guess
where all those toll money quarters went to?

H-m-m-m !