Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fresh Direct workers pack it in

The company sent its workers a memo on Sunday and Monday saying that Immigration and Customs Enforcement planned to inspect the records of every employee and asked them to update their information and provide documents, like Social Security cards, to prove employment eligibility. At least 40 warehouse workers who could not produce proof that they were authorized to work in the United States quit or were suspended.

Warehouse Workers Quit in Immigration Inquiry

One 41-year-old woman from Ecuador, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of deportation, said she was let go with an expression of regret when she told human resources workers at the company that the Social Security number she had been using for nearly four years was false.

Let's all shed a tear for this woman, who is not only in the U.S. illegally, but apparently also engaged in identity theft. Why did Fresh Direct not report her to the authorities?


taxpayer said...

"Why did Fresh Direct not report her to the authorities?"

It just couldn't be that profits are more important than being a law-abiding employer?

Otherwise, they would have hired a citizen with competitive pay and benefits.

I've used Fresh Direct. The food is pricey - very pricey. but no better than the food from any local supermarket (where there are even more illegal aliens).

So, to whose advantage has it been to employ illegal aliens? Not the customers! Not the illegal alien employees who are paid less then minimum wage! Oh, my! Who benefits?

Anonymous said...

Fresh Direct knowingly hires illegal aliens, 40 people is only the tip of the iceberg - more fallout to follow. Fresh Direct is not a bad concept and has decent goods. But it mostly serves Manhattan with few Queens areas served. It is a private startup that has long bleed money which if profitable at this point would be surprising. Their trucks are also a point of contention in various neighborhoods where they idle and clog streets for long periods of time. Their drivers use illegal helpers to shlep goods to client doors.

Few if any speak English and Fresh Direct encourages tipping to these helpers. If SS# are being used to gain employment then these individuals along with the Co HR staff should be handcuffed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of Federal laws. The Feds should raid this establishment as an example to all businesses and illegals that this activity is a serious crime - it's send a powerful message to the illegal community - better stay underground and invisible as an illegal you are a wanted individual. A bounty law should be established to target an employer who flouts the law so blatantly.

Anonymous said...

What I like is evertime they do something like this, the news always focuses in on how the communities (and industries) are devestated now the immigrants are removed.

Adversting dollars goes along way on slanting the media, doesn't it?

Reminds me of a junkie getting off crack. Not a pretty picture, too, but its the thing they need to do if they want to stay alive.

Anonymous said...

What? I thought you had to present your SS# card and many other documents when you apply for a job...
How come they get hired with no SS#?

georgetheatheist said...

There is no mandate to "have" or "carry" a Social Security card.

Anonymous said...

A major crime has been committed. The Federal Immigration Authorities, Homeland Security and The Social Security Administration should all be notified and put on alert. This has gone on too long. Arrests need to be made on all levels, employers and employees. Their hiring practices should be revamped. Who is in charge of their Human Resources Unit? Let this be a punitive lesson for all businesses. Heavy fines and arrests should be imposed ASAP.

Anonymous said...

In the past year we have seen illegals march across the nation in support of each other and to potentially show the repercussions of their not showing up to work.

I say it is time that we stop allowing these illegal folks, among them gang members, criminals, druggies and drunks and outcasts from their own society to even think for one minute that they have any rights under the US constitution while on our soil unlawfully. They take our jobs, benefits,places on line in hospitals and steal our daughters and sons to obtain citizenship. How dare they spit in our faces - fences make good neighbors, property lines are ours to defend. Step over the line flagrantly and we will go on the offense - that is our right. It's time to take a major stand against these tresspassers to push them back on their side of the fence. That goes for all illegal folks from everywhere. Go home now!

verdi said...

If Fresh Direct loses its "illegals"....
there goes the hipster/yuppie breadline.

Whose gonna deliver the goods
to the doors of these pampered souls ?
(Even these vaunted professionals have to eat,
sleep and crap....just like the rest of us mortals).

The builders of Queens West
had better start quickly building
some nearby supermarkets.

Or will their new rich residents
have their chow
air lifted in from Manhattan ?

Anonymous said...

this whole illegal nightmare is making me consider voting republican. The soul of our country is being destroyed and nobody is stopping it.

Anonymous said...

To all you who choose to ignore the REAL reasons behind the startling wave of illegal aliens I suggest you EDUCATE YOURSELVES and take a gander at the FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS that the U.S. kingpins are trying to shove down the throats of Latin American countries. Unfortunately it's way too late for Mexico, we've already seen the devastating consequences there while the Fat Cats here just keep getting richer and all off of these poor people, thus causing the huge influx of illegal immigration into this country. It's so easy to just say: Get rid of them, Arrest them, Deport them, but when you don't know the facts you're just talking out of your A**. Educate yourselves people and them make an informed judgement!!

Anonymous said...

An Anonymous poster said: "this whole illegal nightmare is making me consider voting republican. The soul of our country is being destroyed and nobody is stopping it."
Mexicans are saying: The soul of our country WAS destroyed, U.S. Govt and Corporations CAUSED it and NOBODY stopped it.

rmatt10066 said...

Fresh Direct did report them. This was in response to the efforts of union organizers.

Anonymous said...

Fresh Direct did report them. This was in response to the efforts of union organizers.

Yeah right - they offerred up the illegals who wanted to organize - This is a cat and mouse game between the Union and FD - both have an interest in exploiting illegals. Fresh Direct has such a high % of illegal workers that they will close without these minions. The Union Fat Cats have proxies twisting arms collecting tributes from individuals to not report them. This Co should be shut down and workers screened for papers when leaving workplace.