Thursday, December 6, 2007

Split loyalties


City Council Members Defend Pay

Can lawmakers still be fair and independent when representing the public if someone other than the public pays for part of their salaries?

Are City Council Members Paid Enough?

In an interview, Councilman Tony Avella, who has been a vocal proponent of officially defining Council jobs as “full time” so that Council members are subjected to the same restrictions on earning outside income that are imposed upon other municipal employees, said that an elected official that has two jobs “serves two masters.”

“It’s like having divided loyalties,” he added. “If you want to make more money, to have another job, fine, but then don’t run for public office.”

Hey Tony, watch out, this guy walks around with a bat.

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verdi said...

Melinda Katz serves only one master.....
the powerful NYC real estate industry.

Her city council job is strictly a hobby.

Proof of this may be seen
by examining her long list of campaign contributors
which reads like a who's who of the
real estate/development moguls of NYC.

She's their poster child !

Anonymous said...

he sounds like a "shape shifter" (of the same name?)
from a later Star Trek, or such, episode !

Remember the "Ferenghi".....the "Grand Nagus" ?

Don't you just love it ? !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy, maybe you can use those aluminum bats the schools can't use to beat away the wild turkeys you have a problem with in Staten Island. Oh wait, that would be cruelty to animals....why don't ya just give a couple of whacks to pinky, he's everybody's favorite pink pinata out here in queens. (although when he breaks open your not gonna like what you find inside)