Saturday, December 15, 2007

SJU plan still being fought

Jamaica Estates residents are still hopeful that they can change their neighbor’s mind.

Local Outrage Persists At St. John’s Dorm Plan

About 200 people, including some elected officials and community leaders, met at P.S. 131 to map out how to prevent St. John’s University from building a dormitory in their neighborhood. The planned six-story, 62-foot-tall building on Henley Road met with fierce resistance from locals since it was revealed by the Queens Chronicle in September.

Optimistic that St. John’s will bow to public opposition, state Sen. Frank Padavan urged people to keep putting pressure on the university. “You have to communicate with St. John’s in any way possible.” He suggested writing letters to trustees, making phone calls and most importantly spreading the word.

Photo from Queens Courier


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting! Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Kick that idiot Sciame out.
It's long past due !