Saturday, December 15, 2007

Comrie vs. 'Thug Chips'

(AP) A new consumer product line headed by NFL legend Jim Brown and featuring "Thug Chips" has left a bad taste in the mouth of at least one politician.

City Councilman Leroy Comrie claimed on Friday that the manufacturer's name, OG Nation, stands for "original gangster." He accused the Arizona-based company of exploiting urban youth by glorifying violence.

"They're trying to mainstream the gangster lifestyle and the criminal lifestyle," Comrie said.

The company's Web Site lists Brown as president while promoting products like "King Pin" lager beer and "Party Dogg" mixed drinks. It says a "Thug Chips" snack line of potato chips, pretzels, pork rinds and dips is being developed.

The site hypes the OG Nation beer by saying, "Lagers have been around for over 2,000 years, dating back to the days of the original gangster Egyptians."

Comrie urged Brown and another backer, former New York Knick Larry Johnson, "to consider changing the names of this brand line to something that is more reflective of the positive attitudes of our community."

The councilman added: "Do Jim Brown and Larry Johnson really need to sell pork rinds and malt liquor to our young people?"

A spokesman for OG Nation had no immediate comment.

In an audio interview posted on the company Web Site, Brown said he hoped the venture would redefine the corporate culture.

"It's a business first, but on the other hand it deals with inclusion and diversity," the Hall of Fame tailback said.


sally capone said...

Me pappy, Al, was the original gangster. So shouldn't my boys and I be getting a piece of the action? Will have to look into this Thug Chips operation and get them to correct the oversight. Yah, yah, yah.

Anonymous said...

Here's another example of a bunch
who thinks that they're better
than those they're slickly exploiting.

These promoter/pimps of the thug lifestyle
are using the ignorant dummies that subscribe to it
in order to make a ton of money for themselves!

They'd screw their own in a heartbeat....
and show them little respect while doing so.

The ultimate fate of all these"gangstas"
(regardless of their race, color or creed)
is to either wind up dead or in jail !

Ancient Sparta......boasted the most fearless
and efficient fighters of their day.

They were ultimate "gangstas"
(along with feudal Japan's Samurai....
who served their rich lords) !

Spartan society was short lived, however,
when compared with Athenian culture....
which produced the most important
and memorable art in the world.

Anyone who thinks that a quickly obtained
short lived "gangsta career" is better
than a slowly acquired long term better life
is just somebody else's dumb fool !

I mean....
is anyone out there stupid enough to believe
that eating "Thug chips" is going
to make them look tougher ?

I'll stick to eating Wheaties for breakfast
and whip your ass with my bank account!

georgetheatheist said...

How's CM Comrie doing on his diet? He announced a few weeks ago he was going on one. No visible progess to mine eyes.

Leroy, lose the weight already otherwise you're going to drop dead of a heart attack soon! Are you exercising?

Your excellent on target message(s) are losing their "thunder" through your glaringly visible corpulence.

A sound MIND in a sound BODY.

Anonymous said...

This gangsta culture is a modern-day minstrel show. Good to see some African-American leaders condemning it.

Anonymous said...

"True dat".....last poster !

Anonymous said...

Rev Al "Sharpie"
keeps a mistress in a Ditmas Park house....
while he pimps for himself at the expense
of poorer African Americans.

He's made himself a wealthy demagogue
while feigning to care .