Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Report: Admirals Row houses can be saved

The historic Admiral's Row mansions are in better shape than they appear and could be saved, a federal study has found.

Admiral's Row fixup to cost $20M

A report commissioned by the National Guard - which owns the 10 buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that housed naval officers and their families for nearly a century - found that eight are "structurally sound" and in no danger of collapsing.

Navy Yard officials, who want to tear down the houses and build a supermarket, were angry about the report's findings - and immediately started playing hardball.

"If the federal government...requires that some or all of these structures be rebuilt from the ground up...neither the City of New York or the [Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp.] are interested in acquiring and developing the site and it will continue to lay fallow for years to come," wrote Navy Yard Development Corp. President Andrew Kimball yesterday in response to the report.

Photo from Curbed


Anonymous said...

A supermarket to replace these beauties?
What pigs!
Another example of a "developer"
of it's either their way or the buildings rot!

I say.... tie those bastards
across the mouth of some cannon
and give the order fire a broadside!

Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

Check out my blog - I'm going to be posting tons of photos from the interior of the Row houses as I post-process them. The buildings are definitely MOSTLY salvageable - J's a goner, and most of the wooden additions are toast, but the majority of the structures is totally worth keeping.