Sunday, December 16, 2007

More You Tube assaults

A YouTube video posted on Dec. 7 shows a woman on the Q34 being pinned by a female attacker, punched repeatedly in the head and then sprayed with Mace in her eyes - all while the assailant's guy pal eggs her on and passengers do nothing.


The Queens bus footage was uploaded by Caprise Scott, 34, who had taped it on his Cingular BlackJack cellphone during a bus ride on Nov. 21 between 5:30 and 6 p.m. "I don't know them. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time," Scott told The Post. "I was an innocent bystander. I just pressed the record button."

The three unidentified passengers were trading barbs as they boarded the Q34 bus in Flushing at the Roosevelt Avenue/Main Street stop.

The victim "said something about her momma, and the woman said something about her momma. I knew it was time to record," said Scott, adding that the victim and the couple appeared to not know one another.

The attacker's male friend is seen throwing water in the face of the victim.

The brawl is triggered by the victim calling the couple "crackheads." After hearing the insult, the female attacker throws her water bottle at the victim's face as her male counterpart stands up and shouts, "Rock her! Rock her ass!"

As passengers look on, the attacker lunges at the victim until they tumble onto a seat. She continues to punch the woman as her friend encourages the beating. At one point, the victim screams, "You just sprayed me with Mace in my face."

The assault lasts for about 25 seconds until a good Samaritan breaks it up. When Scott saw the attack unfold, he said his first thought was, "This is going to be great for YouTube."


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the clubhouse, this is the element that is taking over our borough.

Nice work boys. I am certain that they vote the 'right' way (which means they don't vote at all)

Anonymous said...

welcome to that colorful, bustling, vibrant,
Jamaica bus route!

I never board a Q 25, 34 or 65 or any other Jamaica bus
during those school's out hours !

Yeah....I'm a practical racist !

Anonymous said...

Caprise Scott is all proud of their youtube video, meanwhile they should be ashamed of himself for caring more about capturing the video than the fact that they was watching a human being get attacked and did nothing about it. And of course, the whole excerpt focuses on Caprise Scott...maybe they should have wrote more than one line about the Good Samaritan who stepped in to break it up, they deserve the attention here. I wonder how Caprise Scott would have felt if they were being attacked and the other passengers on the bus sttod there and taped it instead of trying to break it up somehow.

Anonymous said...

These kind of sub humanoids
need to be "bitch slapped" by their parents
or some tough warden in an all girls prison
to straighten out their uncivilized behavior!

Bring back "reform schools" !

Anonymous said...

and impound the videographer's camera
and hold the footage as evidence!

This kind of perverse mugging for the camera
in order to grab your 15 minutes of fame
deserves a quick corrective jerk on the leash!

Anonymous said...

When I see a bunch of wild kids, I get off the bus or train, pronto!

Anonymous said...

thats my cousin...and i personally believe ha did the right thing...he did not ask the post for an interview...blame the reporter,media,not regular American's for telling the news,