Sunday, December 16, 2007

Communist era crap in Brooklyn

One of my favorite Brooklyn bloggers is Katia. While hunkered down waiting for the impending ice storm to hit, I browsed her archives and found this gem:

Doesn't East German Architecture Remind You Of Something?


Anonymous said...

There's one grey building on Lexigton (around 50th-60th st??) that looks exactly like an apartment building in the post-Communist world. The blocks on Shorefront Parkway in the Rockaways are also in the same style.

I grew up in a huge apartment block in an 800 sq ft apartment. The construction was entirely brick and concrete unlike the plywood walls they use today.

verdi said...

They must have hired
Bobby "The Hairpiece" Scarano
and his "goombah/chitrools" for this
row of crap !

Anonymous said...

Looks like Queens West.

Anonymous said...

Are you thinking of this:

Check out their exhibit. What is going on is criminal.

Anonymous said...

It actually does look like the communist era buildings.....oh my God.....I am reliving my childhood years!

Anonymous said...

I recently visited a friend in Sea Gate. Going form Coney Island to Sea Gate is like going from communism to capitalism. There's even a barbed wire wall and checkpoint between them!

mazeartist said...

Ironically, in many Eatern European cities he rundown Soviet projects are considered "luxury" in comparison the other options. I grew in up in Zolitude, a Soviet-built project outside Riga, Latvia. Today, it is a desirable neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Communism was a noble experiment ruined by corrupt and criminally insane leaders. So don't regret your Russian childhood, friend.

You participated in a system of government that strove to create a paradise on Earth, where everybody got their fair share and the rich were prevented from gobbling up all the goods, as here.