Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to make a neighborhood look crappy

Why would a somewhat respected group like Place in History depict LIC as a pile of demolition debris? Why is this book so popular amongst the area's newcomers?


ken said...

they want to make LIC look crappy so that when developers go in with wrecking balls no one will raise an eyebrow, thinking that there's nothing in LIC worth salvaging -- which is completely untrue of course. There are lots of architectural gems in the nabe like that historic bank they just tore down. In case they haven't noticed there are also residential communities in LIC where hard working and decent-minded people have been living for generations.

Anonymous said...

Because the newly arrived "hipsters"
view western Queens primarily
as a place to leave their droppings!

Ever watch a male dog walk about
and mark its territory ?

It's the same with yuppies !

verdi said...

Yuppies mark their turf with
the proliferation of Starbucks
coffee/crap shops!

Anonymous said...

The really sad a pathetic thing about this not a single politician, or single newspaper, or single local civic leader, came out against this crap.

Bulldoze the neighborhood? Show the locals as so much vermin in rat infested hovels that should be removed and cleared out for a 'better' element?

Use their taxes to do it?

No problem. This is Queens. No one will say a thing.

Where in the @#$*@$% is civic pride in this borough?

Anonymous said...

I remember 10-63, a hipster cafe at 10-63 Jackson Ave, the first Borough Hall in Queens, proudly selling limited editions of this booklet for a hefty sum. The fellow that ran the local version of Curbed, LICNYC, touted it as something really cool.

The cafe lost their lease and had to move. The booklet got more funding and is now a few dollars.

Oh yes, 10-63, which could have been an anchor for the proposed Hunters Point Historic District was torn down.

Need I add that an application was submitted to LPC and the notorious hand scrawled rejection form letter was sent?

Need I add that not a single city-wide preservation group had a word to say?

Need I add that it was not visible from Manhattan, so, unlike the Sohmer Piano or the Domino Factory, no one (read someone from Queens) who is important cared?

Anonymous said...

You can by copies of this at Art-O-Mat.

A community store that sells stuff related to LIC boasts a book showing the community as a pile of rubble on the front cover.

When they move, they can relocate to Dutch Kills.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the people of western Queens. Outrage after outrage greeted with a few discrete murmers of protest

Hunters Point, Dutch Kills, Old Astoria.

What is wrong?

Anonymous said...

Maybe most people in Queens are happy with the progressive development that is happening, especially in Long Island City, and your view is in the minority.

Anonymous said...

Maybe most people in Queens are happy with the progressive development that is happening, especially in Long Island City, and your view is in the minority


Did you ask the community? Anyone left in the community to answer your questions that have not been displaced?

Under which pile of rubble on the front page of that booklet are you sending the email from? - oh I get it, you are not the person whose back yard faces a 15 story building.

You are an outsider. Or maybe you just moved in and haven't noticed all those little ants stories below you little eyerie in the sky.

The people in the community are faceless. They have no opinion. Their lives are soooo much better now that monster high rises have taken over.

Besides, the only opinions that counts are those in favor of development. Right?

Anonymous said...

That image is an outrage. Urban renewal (removal) went out with the Great Society.

Every loyal son and daughter from the neighborhood should protest this picture of our community.

I know. I am one.

Anonymous said...

Donald manes would have loved this picture !

Andrew Fine said...

Wow..QC did you move over to blogspot, or is this just a new format. Checkie me blog..I have a post on what the EDC should do with the Hunters Point Plan...Scrap it..or should I say, crap it!